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Motivation letter for applying to master in renewable energy in the marine environment program

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Jan 23, 2022   #1

REM-PLUS program motivation letter

Hi there,
I want to apply to REM-PLUS program and my motivation letter is below with all my aims. However I am hesitating to write all my goals to the letter since ıt may sounds like exaggerated. Could you help me by critizing this letter?

Thanks a lot!

Dear admission committee,

I am interested in applying for the Master in renewable energy in the marine environment (REM-PLUS) program and also, the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Although I am still an undergraduate student, I have completed all my courses according to the academic plan and will graduate in June after completing my internship. I can say that after I started my university education, my awareness of the environment and climate change issues and by adopting a vegan lifestyle were potent in my participation in student projects, social activities, and volunteer work related to global warming. When I came to my senior year, I wanted to use my engineering knowledge and perspective on the world that I acquired thanks to the education I took for issues that could make the world a more beautiful and livable place. For this purpose, I worked on floating offshore wind turbines as my thesis project for almost 6 months. The REM-PLUS program, which I encountered on the net while I was working on my thesis project, motivated me even more and convinced me to shape my future life on renewable energy systems.

Since my childhood, I have been interested in science and technology, questioning and curious. In addition to my interest in mathematics, geometry, and physics, my enthusiasm for gigantic vehicles drove me to become an engineering student. In this way, I decided to become a Naval Architecture and Marine engineer and then started my undergraduate education at Yıldız Technical University. During the first years of my undergraduate education, I completed fundamental engineering courses. Then, thanks to the courses I chose on ships and offshore structures, I made design in many concepts by calculating notions such as strength, stability, resistance, or wave forces of floating vehicles and structures. I have gained the ability to approach a problem from different perspectives, to think multi-dimensionally, and to reach the truth most practically due to university education. Furthermore, I improved myself in the use of Python language, CAD, FEM, and CFD programs thanks to my extra work on my computer skills during my student life.

I played a part in various projects to put the engineering knowledge I learned into practice. To draw attention to global warming, I carried out engineering calculations and analysis for the design of the semi-submerged library, focusing on the floating city concept with the students of the faculty of architecture. I took part both in the modeling of a 35 m motor yacht for the yacht design competition and in the modeling of a submersible marine vehicle with a sliding form for the high-speed boat competition with my teammate. I completed a project study where I carried out the hull design and engineering calculations of an autonomous all-electric cargo ship to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide unmanned maritime trade. My interest in generating power using renewable energy sources and designing these systems led me to work on my thesis project on floating offshore wind turbines. Also, I got 3rd place in the graduation project competition held for the 10th time at our university.

During my education at the university, I have been taking an active part in mountaineering, animal rights, and vegan/vegetarian communities. And sometimes I helped organize sports, cultural, and awareness-raising training for students voluntarily, and sometimes I led. I have evolved into an individual who has strong human relations, is good at project and time management, and maintains their calmness even under extreme conditions thanks to my responsibilities in these clubs. I enjoyed a lot helping many children get acquainted with these sports by participating in volunteer activities related to mountaineering and running beside of university, too. As a result of the fact that universities were online last year due to Covid-19, I worked as a volunteer in a camping in the Geyikbayırı rock climbing region for a year as a greenfield attendant. I carried out the cleaning of the area, the maintenance, and the repair of the rock climbing routes, together with people from different countries with whom I share common values. Currently, I am doing my long-term internship at Sirene Marine, and I will continue it until the end of May and graduate in June. During this time, I will continue my CFD and coding courses to solidify the foundation of my future academic goals. In addition, after my thesis defense, upon the invitation of my hydrodynamics lecturer, I was included in the team that conducted an experimental study on the mooring system of the semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine model.

During the REM-PLUS program, so that I can travel around the country I am in, have cultural interactions, have new experiences, and learn Spanish and French at least at A2 level, I will continue rock climbing and try new sports by taking participant the student societies at the universities I will be in. In addition to these, in line with my academic self-development goals, I would like to follow the specialization A pathway. Thus, I will be able to carry out scientific studies on the stability of floating structures and optimization of mooring systems, wave loads on floating structures, and the motions of floating platforms with the instructors I can convince to work with me. For my master thesis, I aim to work on these subjects. Afterward, I aim to complete my Ph.D. in hydrodynamics of floating offshore wind turbines and become a qualified person in this field.

I believe that life is a continuous learning process. I am sure that I have the necessary qualifications to study the REM-PLUS program, which I think will play a crucial role in solving the climate crisis caused by energy consumption in the world. Thanks to the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, I want to achieve my goals and study at these universities. On the other hand, I believe that the research I aim to do will be valuable in terms of energy and the environment in the future, and I will contribute to the universities where I can carry out research.I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences and wishes with you. Hopefully, I have made my goals clear in this letter. I hope you will make a positive decision about my acceptance into the REM-PLUS program, and I look forward to being selected for the program soon. Thank you for considering my application.

Best regards,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,703 4121  
Jan 24, 2022   #2
Since you are applying to the program with a handicap, the lack of at least 2 years relevant work experience, you are actually going to be considered based on a full academic and internship approach. That is, how dedicated you are to the improvement of the field you have chosen to specialize in. That means, you are not going to submit a personal statement, which is what you have written. Rather, you will want the consortium to focus less on your lack of relevant work experience by highlighting other aspects of your application. You can do that by discussing your academic strengths, specifically, what your scores were in relevant subjects that could be considerations for the courses you will be taking in the future. Also consider your thesis statement and language skills for each country that you will be studying in. Discuss your motivation clearly in relation to the future contribution you wish to make. You will be one of the weaker / less qualified applicants to the program based on the fact that you are trying to go from one undergraduate course to a masters course, without passing through any relevant work experience. So, while your application will be considered, the consortium will handicap it due to missing elements that are greatly considered in an applicant to this program.

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