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MOTIVATION LETTER for Behavioural Science at Radboud University

Mario94 1 / -  
Nov 5, 2017   #1
Hi, everyone!
I am going to apply for Behavioural Sciences master programme at Radboud University, so please kindly help me to review, correct and comment my motivation letter.

Thank you in advance!!!


To The Respected Leadership Of Radboud University

Dear Sir/ Madam

With this letter, I declare the desire and the strong motivation to apply for a Master's program "Behavioural Sciences" at the Social Faculty at Radboud University in the field of psychological and social sciences. I am deeply interested and attracted by the program and I believe that my strong academic background combined with the experience will meet your requirements.

The interest in exploring my own inner world has led me to psychology. From whether we know ourselves enough and know who we are and why we act in a certain way in a given situation. The intriguing questions for me have always been as if at an early age, the closest people to us have shaped and started our personal growth. How our surrounding social environment influences the return on us and last but not least our encoded genetic characteristics and contributions contribute to our development and interact with the other spheres of our lives evoke in me this profound interest in the science of Psychology. Questions have always been a lot of some of them we can give answers to others we are still looking for. Curiosity and imagination have always directed the person to seek, create, and ask precisely those questions that actually make him human.

I chose the Netherlands because, as a whole, the country itself is very close to me, to my understanding of a way of life, in general many things that come to me as a person. As we know, the country is known for its wonderful educational system and friendly attitude towards people of different nationalities. That is exactly what I think it gives this peculiar magnetism and color that attracts people. In addition, the Dutch are one of the happiest and most positive people on the planet and last but not least the language, everyone in the Netherlands speaks English, what is better than this, who doesn't want to live and study in a country with so many positives. Positives are really many but more important to me is that the country itself predisposes people to think freely, to be themselves and that is most important in such a favourable environment that one always feels sure in his abilities in which he builds up develops in a positive direction. The combination of all the positive aspects that I have listed makes Holland a great place for professional development and for building a personality.

What directed me to choose Radboud University is that the university is internationally oriented which, for me, is one of the main things in the choice of a university. The University is recognized on a world level and which ranking to check Radboud University is always one of the top places in the world for study. The presence of the university in prestigious charts like ''ARWU / Shanghai ranking'', ''QS ranking'' and ''The ranking'' makes it more of a desired place to learn. But a place where besides prestigious education and professional realization in the field that I chose "Behaviour Science" you also get contacts with world-class professors, friendships and good relationships for life. The other reason that directed me to Radboud University is its very location. I am a great supporter of quiet and peaceful places, and Nijmegen is the right place for me. The combination of the student community and the peace offered by the city itself are the perfect combination for me. By choosing to study at the faculty of Social Sciences at Radboud University, I will greatly benefit from the extraordinary experience and professionalism of raising my own skills and knowledge and building a professional career in the public or private sector. I would also contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of work in the psychological sphere in XXXX.

My academic performances and achievements have always been one of the best. In addition, I can say that I want to continue my education in order to gain more knowledge and experience by communicating with colleagues from different nationalities, professors with academic and scientific achievements, getting acquainted with theoretical developments and academic research. I believe that "Behavioural Sciences" will give me the opportunity to get the full picture of all aspects of this area. I have acquired knowledge in various fields of psychology and such disciplines as "Methods for collecting, processing and analysing data in psychological research", "Psychological Measurements'', ''Sociology'' and also work with statistical software ''SPSS''. During the past four years in my Bachelor degree, I have done and conducted a number of researchers in Experimental Psychology, Psychology of Development in Children's Adolescence, Differential Psychology, Psychological Measurements, etc. Therefore, I believe that my education is relevant to the chosen program ''Behavioral Science''.

I choose the ''Behavioral Science'' program because I have always been excited about human behaviour issues, what our behaviour is dictated and stimulated, why we act and react in a certain way and how it affects us. By choosing the Behavioral Science program, I would like to know more about human behaviour, whether its normal or deviant behaviour.

Finally, I can say that I am looking forward to start your Master Program at Radboud University in order to prove my abilities, to gain new skills and I will be patiently expecting your positive response.

Sincerely Yours

henricuspria 4 / 9 2  
Nov 5, 2017   #2
I think you should have given more reason on why you specifically interested in"Behavioral Sciences'. You already mentioned some research that you have done in BA. Maybe, you can highlight some of the findings that you got in those research that led you to be more curious about Behavioral Sciences.

This Part

I choose the ''Behavioral Science'' program because...

is a good opening. Maybe you can add that findings after that paragraph.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,686 3494  
Nov 6, 2017   #3
Levent, you should about presenting the same information twice in the same essay. Your opening paragraph contains the same information as your second to the last paragraph. That is a redundancy that could have been used to add notable information instead. I suggest you change that paragraph instead of the opening one because your opening has a strong presentation when compared to the closing. Don't use the ranking of the university as one of the reasons for your decision. It sounds more impressive when you base the decision on the teaching staff and curriculum instead. Don't pile on top much information into this letter. Try to shorten it a bit more since this should only be an overview of the statement of purpose and personal statement. Review the essay for parts you can shorten such as the reason you chose the Netherlands because it is the university choice that is more important to represent. You don't have to say that your academic qualifications are the best. Their examination of your transcript should prove that instead. Also you don't develop that statement anyway so it doesn't really help your essay to have that I'll placed sentence there.

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