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Motivation letter for DAAD-scholarship in field of Fine Arts - jewelry design

Nattawat 1 / -  
Oct 4, 2018   #1

application for DAAD-scholarship in Germany

Hello, My name is Nattawat, from Thailand. I am looking forward to apply an application for DAAD-scholarship in Germany. According to my background in field of Fine Arts, particularly in jewelry design, I would like to further study in a gemstone and jewelry design in Germany to widen my knowledge and experiences. So, This is my motivation letter, please give an advise. Thank you in advance.

...."Jewelry is one of the very first ways that men use to represent their sense of beauty and build their relationship with community and surroundings." - The main phrase that elevated my vision in a field of jewelry. Crystallization in an aesthetics of jewelry drive myself for seeking new area to broaden an experience toward my professional. Thus, I am applying this letter to examine my intention for further study in Gemstone and Jewelry at Trier University of Applied Sciences.

....According to my past educational and working experience, I have realized diversified aspects of jewelry, profoundly, to the concept of contemporary jewelry that focus on an integration of globalized knowledge and culture by interdisciplinary creativity. Noticing hierarchy in social value of jewelry, I have been eager to challenge and expand my strong interest in contemporary jewelry to public by attending various jewelry design competitions. Accordingly, I found out of how an individual creativity could participate and enhance the society. Moreover, experience of being an art tutor for high school students taught me to appreciate the significance in giving an education, also, profitably provided me an instructive skill. As a result, Those experiences draw me most for further contribute my society upon an artistic area as a professional jewelry instructor and designer.

....In 2015, I have attended an artist's lecture by Yutaka Minegishi. I was inspired by his influential concept of German avant-garde. Thereby, that brought me a strong attention in German jewelry style. As an oriental viewer, German contemporary jewelry demonstrated of how an integration in science and culture are combined to a coexistence among modern and classical jewelry leaded by avant-garde and traditional conception. In the same way, Germany is one of the world's jewelry hub. Its design-oriented scene boosted attendance for the most important fair in the world - "Inhorgenta". Also, "Munich Internationale Handwerksmesse Fair" that attracted me most by the collaboration of international skilled artists and institutions ; I noticed this as a creative economy that characterized by an experimental approach to materials, innovations and craft techniques. As Thailand either has plenty of cultures and traditions, I strongly believe that craft is one important creative industry in which a developing country should has a leading position in global market.

....Correlatively, Thailand and Germany are common in the term of importer and exporter within jewelry industry for a long time. Thus, it would be a beneficial chance for me to learn and exchange intercultural ideas in a professional society, and, to serve this effective role model for my country. By saying, Designer : myself, has a crucial roles to play in an exploring and addressing learning opportunities that allow individuals to meet a development of lifestyle, even to a social, economic and political impact by our creative ways.

....Closely to my chosen programme which is offered in English, it is based on project-oriented course, that enables me to focus on research a complex design tasks by integration of courses in conceptual, theoretical and practical manner. A pragmatic learning system will scientifically train me to become a designer in skilled crafts and evolve my artistic identity toward a professional level. Besides, Located in Idar-Oberstein, the old gemstone and jewelry city, The programme has cooperated with German Gemological Association and provided stonecutting atelier, which is an important skill that rarely been taught to students in Thailand. By these facts, I ensure myself that I will gain a diverse and multicultural academic background to encourage the jewelry scene in Thailand with a positive and global mindset.

....As a representative, after obtaining master degree, I would like to involve a role in my home university to be one power to educate new generation of Thai jewelry designers who will drive the society to contemporary national and international gemstone and jewelry field. First of all, I would like to advise on an important basis of creative process which will leaded by a combination of multicultural perception, craftsmanship and innovation. Secondly, provide a practical jewelry skills such as stonecutting, electroforming, to students toward a challenge in materials, provide a professional production skill of how international artists produce, finish and publish their works to society. Moreover, I would like to contribute a workshop with organizations that I had attended for contests, for example : GIT, Indorama, Chanapatana, or gathered a local artists to stimulate an experience of people through designs.

....For those reasons, I am optimistic that Thailand will be supported by a potential human resources to boost an important tactics to widen Thai jewelry industry to worldwide. Particularly, One is me, I am enthusiastic to pave a path toward a professional jewelry instructor and dedicate myself for enhancing the society, if given a chance. At last, I would like to acknowledge for reviewing my application and hopefully to answer any questions that you may have during an interview.

Best regards,
Nattawat Srinoon
Hetav Pandya 7 / 15 4  
Oct 7, 2018   #2
individual's creativity
to worldwide = to the world
By saying, Designer : myself, has a crucial roles ... - This in some sense looks grammatically incorrect.

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