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Motivation letter for enrolling on the Master of Science degree in Public and Cultural Diplomacy

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Apr 27, 2019   #1
Hello friends,kindly have a look at this motivation letter for me.i need immediate assistance.i will really appreciate your kind suggestions and criticisms.thanks for your time .

cultural tolerance and peace

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I write to express my profound interest in enrolling on the Master of Science degree in Public and Cultural Diplomacy starting in October 2019 at the University of XYZ. I strongly believe that a degree in Public and Cultural Diplomacy from one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned universities is a giant step towards achieving my career goal. This programme will enrich my academic knowledge and equip me with the relevant up to date skills in this field to achieve my career objective and excel globally. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

For over two decades my dad served as a soldier in the Ghana Armed Forces and participated in United Nations peace keeping missions in Lebanon, Liberia and Sierra Leone. His memorable narratives on the negative impacts of civil wars and the challenges the United Nations faces in its efforts to resolve conflicts is known to all and sundry in my family. My dad always stressed on the need to always resort to what he termed as 'symbiotic diplomacy'. He explained this as a form of diplomacy that incorporates the cultural antecedents of the warring factions into the peace building or mediation process. My dad has always been an inspiration to me and the reason why I decided to pursue a career in diplomacy and sustainable development.

My keen interest in this field of scholarship informed my decision to pursue an undergraduate degree in Geography and Resource Development with History. During my studies I was exposed to various models and theoretical approaches to sustainable development and cultural perspectives of development. My innate interest in this field guided my undergraduate dissertation which examined how cultural ideologies influence the development of natural resources in rural communities. This study gave me insights into how entrenched cultural values hinder governmental policies on peace building and sustainable development. Additionally it underscored the significance of incorporating cultural ideologies into peace building and community development policies.

My research experience as a national service and research personnel with the department of Geography and Resource Development immediately after graduating has reinforced my interest in culture and sustainable development. My main responsibility was to conduct interviews and collate data on sustainable indigenous methods of farming and natural resource management practices that are relevant to modern methods of farming in Ghana. The findings of this project has been compiled into a book entitled; Technology Should Seek Tradition. This experience helped me enhance my skills in constructing questionnaires, analysing data and time management.

Recent experiences with students from different cultural backgrounds have increased my enthusiasm in this field of study. Since completing my mandatory national service I have served as a senior high school teacher for the past few years. My roles here involved teaching and mentoring students as well as serving as secretary of the parents and teacher association (PTA) of the school. Through my hard work, resilience and commitment I was promoted to head the English and social studies departments. By working diligently with my other colleagues we were able to assist many students improve their academic performance and secure other learning materials for the school.

Besides my interest in academic and professional activities I have keen interest in activities such as playing baseball and football, athletics, reading and community volunteerism. I am an active member of a social club in my community that organizes outreach programmes to create awareness and educate people on cultural tolerance and peace building in urban and rural areas.

My keen interest in this masters programme is primarily due to the peculiar nature of the course contents. Firstly, the multi disciplinary approach of combining knowledge based theoretical pedagogy with field work and fusion of cultural diplomacy with public diplomacy makes this programme comparatively better than others of its kind. I strongly believe the opportunity to combine lectures and seminars with fieldwork will enhance my understanding of this discipline and applicability in real life. Again the broad range of subjects covered in this course such as Environmental Economy, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Relationships, Geography and Sustainability, Global Comparative Politics as well as French Language and Cultures will broaden my horizon on global diplomacy and development. Additionally an admission into this programme will give me the opportunity to study under highly experienced professionals who are actively involved in research and projects related to diplomacy. This will adequately prepare me for an international career.

Italy's high international reputation for education, respect for democracy and serene political environment makes it an ideal destination to pursue graduate studies. It is therefore not surprising that it has produced world class scholars like Galileo Galillei and Leonardo da Vinci.

In my search for an appropriate university to pursue graduate studies I discovered the University of XYZ as an ideal place where I can achieve my goals in future. I strongly believe the university of Siena meets my career objective and interest due to its high commitment to human and scientific interdisciplinary research, erudite academicians, state of the art learning facilities, willingness to accommodate international students and educational cooperation with many institutions of higher learning around the world. Moreover the international environment at the University of XYZ will give me the opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and broaden my horizon. Furthermore the collaborative partnership established between the University of XYZ and various businesses and industries makes it easier for its students to find eager partners for their research projects and internships. I am confident that this will facilitate my chances of finding a good job immediately after completing my studies.

My career objective is to occupy a research position in a national or an international regional agency such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) or African Union (AU) where there is an enormous demand for professionals with requisite skills and knowledge on intercultural mediation, peace building and sustainable development. I am confident beyond all doubts that a Master of Science degree in Public and Cultural Diplomacy from the University of Siena would reinforce my experiential and theoretical knowledge on diplomacy and sustainable development. It will also give me the required formal qualification to achieve my career ambition and contribute to global peace and development.

In conclusion I will say that my proven academic and research competence, leadership and communication skills, maturity and work ethics and the ability to overcome difficulties makes me an ideal candidate for this programme. I am highly confident that I will be of immense benefit to the programme if granted this opportunity. I look forward to your positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

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Apr 27, 2019   #2
Regards the technical composition of your essay, I would recommend that you try to be more wary and detail-oriented when you are constructing sentences. I have noticed that you have a tendency to have sporadic mistakes throughout the text; not to say that you cannot manage them, but looking over and rereading the entirety of the text to self-reflect will definitely help your essay. Watch out for punctuation (ie. look at paragraph four and five), preposition, articles, and hanging sentences (ie. sentences that do not have a distinct meaning to them ergo do not contribute to the essay's substance).

Furthermore, I would also recommend that you try to stay away from being too repetitive when it comes to terminologies. If you can merge two setences together that seemingly have synonymous meanings, you can opt to do this. Not only will it save you space, but it will make your essay more direct. Having hold of techniques such as this can assist your essay in the long-run because you will be able to have more clarity. Remember that while evaluators tend to have more patience when it comes to reading motivation letters for admissions, they are also driven and lured by texts that are short and sweet. Keeping it balanced is the key to getting noticed and remembered.

Let's take a look at your essay in detail. If I were you, I would revise the second paragraph's last two sentences as:

Underscoring the importance of incorporating cultural ideologies in peace-building and community development, policies should be curated in accordance to the variations present in society.

Notice how attempting to merge together two sentences while still remaining the meaning of it all would enable you to have more value within shorter texts.

I would also suggest that you can omit other details that are not related to your career, passion, or educational background (ie. the fact that you like playing baseball and football). These types of information are not necessary not unless you can link them back to the goal of your essay: to convince them that you deserve a spot in the university.

Mentioning world-class scholars like Galileo Galilee or Leonardo is also quite far-fetched. You should instead mention scholars within your field who may have either graduated from this university or from the country itself. Mention reputable people that you wish to emulate in the future. This will make this portion of your essay more in line with the goal.

While I think that your essay's last three paragraphs are quite sufficient and showcase a good level of passion for this particular goal, I would still opt that you try to be more specific with what you mean. For instance, you can mention courses you are looking forward to, professors within this university that you wish to learn from, or any country/university-specific experiences.

Be as in-depth as you possibly can. Best of luck!

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