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Motivation Letter for EPFL masters degree program in Life Sciences and Technology

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Mar 28, 2018   #1
Kindly review my motivation letter for the degree of masters in life sciences and technology

application for study in Switzerland's EPFL

My bringing up was diverse since my family had to move to different places in Pakistan every four years. I traveled far and wide, meeting new people and discovering new places and cultures. This led to the development of my inquisitive and curious nature. As a person and a student of science, I started to rationalize natural phenomena at every step of my life. With this introduction, I want to take the opportunity to pursue masters in Life Sciences and Technology at your prestigious university.

Going down the memory lane, I remember how I broke a perfectly fine egg to take out the chick inside. There was nothing but the albumin and yolk. It was amazing to know that an egg is a whole cell; one which can be seen with the naked eye. From that incident, I learned that the egg requires an incubation period at a specific temperature to develop into a chicken. As I furthered in biology, I found out it to be a general rule for almost all kinds of organisms to reproduce. As a scientist, I am better able to understand the nature's principles and the science behind it.

I have completed my bachelor degree in Applied Biosciences from National University of Sciences and technology which is ranked number 1 in Pakistan. My passion for biological sciences comes from my father who used to opt for underdeveloped areas to help the underprivileged community. This inspired me to develop into a humanitarian.

During my undergraduate, I was introduced to the various domain of Applied Biology. What caught my interest was Microbiology. It further intensified during an internship at a local hospital. From gut to the skin, soil to glaciers and fields to industries, microorganisms are everywhere. I feel thrilled to explore the nature's hidden realm. Thus, I am passionate to study about something that continually enthralls me. Through the courses like Microbiology and, Food Virology Microbiology, General Immunology, Clinical Immunology, Viral Vectors and Biopharmaceuticals my knowledge of Microbiology became concrete. The vast applications of this domain are beyond my imaginations. The practicality of this subject urges me to take this field as a career path. I want to study it further in the perspective of improving lifestyles. I want to experience a global interactive platform that would draw me nearer to my goal of a healthier world.

I was able to execute the theoretical principles of Microbiology in my undergraduate thesis. Related to plant immunology, the research objective was the detection of the viruses present in fungi which grow and infect tomato fruits. After isolating and characterizing the genome and studying their action of infection, this research aims to identify the hypovirulent mycoviruses which will be used as biocontrols. I effectively communicated my findings and integrated the knowledge into a thesis. One of the viruses I isolated is being studied at a prestigious laboratory in Japan by one of my lab fellows. This project was the deciding factor for me to choose it as my future due to the practicality of this field.

In addition to academics, I volunteer teaching the slum children and translate literary information into local language for rural women and children. These activities help me empathize and inspire to work selflessly. I am also an ardent actor and dancer which accentuate the importance of practice and improvement. As the cultural ambassador at the Department of States, I studied at an accredited university in the USA for a semester.

Switzerland being a pool of topnotch biotechnology firms and bioscientists, it is my ambition to study and work with the big names like Nestlé, Biocartis and Roche. With a prior experience of studying on an international platform, I want to avail this chance of studying at EPFL. I am steadfast to work for improving the healthcare and lifestyle standards. I wish to focus on the perspectives of applied Microbiology as to how I can manipulate the microscopic life for the human welfare. I want to work for the development of sustainable systems with reduced dependency on synthetic support.

I am motivated to become a student at your institute because of the innovative researches it carries out. I want to work in the GHI labs to expand my knowledge in Life Sciences. I want to acquire the skillset to provide smart solutions at the interface of biology and engineering. The industrial and international collaborations of the institute will establish me professionally as a person I dream of. I diligently want to work in the Biosciences industry and deal with the critical issues, progressively. In a multicultural environment, I will learn to become a better person; diverse and acceptable. Through world-class academia, EPFL will steer me to my career destination.
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Mar 31, 2018   #2
Mubashara, this is an extremely weak motivation letter because you tried to turn it into a personal statement first, motivation letter second. This should be a strictly motivational letter that is based upon your professional and academic experiences alone. A motivational letter should inspire the reviewer to consider you for a student slot because of your ability to see something about the course of Life Sciences that you feel can help you address an issue within your workplace. The foundation for the motivation should show a significant build up through the use of your college experiences, specifically in the intern or volunteer field, and then your professional experience, with a focus on the way that you hope to use the masters degree to help motivate others to your cause. Your last paragraph does not represent motivations for your desire to study at the university. Rather, these are part of the statement of purpose essay which represent the skills development purpose of your masters study. The motivation to study at the university must relate to the accomplishments of the university students, professors, and programs to help promote the field of life sciences and technology on a public scale.
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Apr 14, 2018   #3
Kindly review my letter now

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing this letter to apply for Master's degree in Life Sciences and Technology at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

My interest in science stems from personal experiences in my life. I have been fascinated with biological sciences since my elementary stages. Observing the intricate box-shaped petal cells under the microscope was the first experience that ignited in me a passion for Biology. From raising to dissecting laboratory animals and slicing the perfect cross-section of onion skin, my learning never stopped. To unravel the mysteries of nature, my increasing curiosity led to the development of life-long love for this field.

Rising through formal levels of education, today I am an accomplished graduate in Applied Biosciences from Pakistan's top-ranked university. I take pride and joy in applying at you institute to further quench my thirst for excelling in Life Sciences and Technology. Not only a step further in my career, but I would also gain more understanding and skills necessary for a research-oriented environment.

As I discovered groundbreaking research and leading figures in the field of science, graduate studies in Biology became my earnest consideration. Delving into this domain, Microbiology caught my interest. From drug delivery to gene therapy to recombinant technology, its vast applicability kindled the passion in me to discover the wonders of this realm. Through the courses like Microbiology and Virology, Food Microbiology, General and Clinical Immunology, Viral Vectors, Vaccinology and Biopharmaceuticals, my knowledge of Microbiology became concrete and enhanced.

Harnessing the theoretical principles of Applied Biosciences, I gained practical experience in my bachelor's thesis. With the research objective to detect mycoviruses in fungi infecting tomatoes for using as biocontrols, I reflected upon my potential to work in a team and communicate my findings effectively. One of the viruses, I isolated, is being studied at a prestigious laboratory in Japan by one of my lab fellows.

While working as an intern at a local hospital's Pathology department, I was able to acknowledge basic health issues like microbial/ viral infections, antibiotic resistance, and biofilms on chronic wounds, empirically. This experience brought out my capabilities as a responsible and pragmatic person who can empathize over people's plight. Therefore, I am resolute to equip myself with advanced education and experience to produce work enunciating my passion and zest for helping mankind.

Switzerland being a pool of topnotch biotechnology firms and bioscientists, it is my professional goal to work with the big names like Abionic, Biocartis, and Roche. I want to develop sustainable solutions for microbial/viral disease management in biosciences industry and deal with the critical issues, progressively. On my return after post-graduation at EPFL, I wish to work with investors and entrepreneurs on vaccines, POC technology, and precision medicine. I am motivated to improve healthcare standards in my country as an applied Microbiologist.

EPFL is one of my top picks due to its rich history of academic excellence and a diverse community where students feel at ease and at home. Its outstanding faculty and advanced educational system encourage students to gain practical knowledge and enhance their skills. I believe studying outside of Pakistan would lead me to new experiences of life and in academics. Testimonials from the alumni of EPFL have described the experience as invaluable.

I am positive that this program fits my motivation due to the courses like Infectiology and Molecular Medicine. The core facilities and groundbreaking research of professors like Stewart Cole and Melanie Blokesch inspire me to apply. I aspire to work in the GHI labs with absolute dedication to provide smart solutions at the interface of biology and engineering. The scientific project designs particularly iGEM and the mentoring programs for young entrepreneurs interest me genuinely. The industrial spinoffs and international synergies of the institute will establish me professionally as a person I dream to be.

With my international experiences and education, I am confident to maximize this opportunity and bring my skills and knowledge to contribute to the program and the field. Enriching the program with my academic commitment and cultural heritage, I am sure to benefit my teachers and fellow students and learn more in the process. If I were selected for this program, I would be honored to work on a platform where academia, industry, and policymakers come together to serve humanity.

Thank you for considering my application and I am looking forward to your acceptance.
Mubashara Waseem.

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