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Motivation Letter - Erasmus Mundus scholarship - Smart System Integration Solution (SSIs)

fauzi10 1 / -  
Dec 26, 2020   #1
Hi friends, I am writing a Motivation Letter for Erasmus Mundus scholarship - Smart System Integration Solution (SSIs). I would appreciate any feedback and comments!

Thank you,

scholarship Motivation Letter

My name is Fauzi, currently working as a digital analyst in XXXX, an Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise (SoE). I am writing this motivation letter to explain my interest in pursuing a Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integrated Solutions (SSIs).

The world is recently in an era of disruption and Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) and the industry 4.0 revolution has begun. In this era, industries need to compete and respond quickly to the market to survive and grow. Also, the use of emerging technologies and tech-savvy workforces is highly required. Smart Systems Integration (SSI) is one of the technologies that will support Indonesia's target towards industry 4.0 or "Smart Factory". Its implementation will improve the global competitiveness of Indonesian industries and increase economic growth. One of the industries that support the acceleration of achieving Indonesia's target is XXXX, a State-Owned Enterprises that currently focuses on the digital security business, the company where I work now.

XXXX is targeting to be the leading provider of digital security in Indonesia and XXXX talent's readiness plays a crucial role in achieving the target. As a Digital Product Management Officer, I need to quickly master various kinds of emerging technologies, particularly the Internet of Things (IoT) that is used by XXXX to develop its products, namely track and trace systems and trusted real-time monitoring systems. One way to improve both products is by mastering Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) related to sensors, actuators, electronic systems, and the IoT. However, XXXX still lacks employees that are masters in CPS. The product design and business model are still unclear and not well understood by the product management team, hence it becomes an obstacle to the development and readiness of the two products to be accepted by the market.

I have basic knowledge of CPS from my bachelor's. However, I am keen to learn more because currently my job demands strong knowledge, innovation, and creativity of IoT. Furthermore, IoT is now growing very rapidly. I need real practices and solid theoretical knowledge about IoT, which can be achieved by pursuing a master's study. This step will help me advance my current job and achieve my future goals as an engineer. For innovation and creativity, some actions I have done for sharpening these skills. I won first place in the XXXX ambassador competition and connected with nation-wide SoE ambassadors. I led several team projects and our team won innovation competitions related to Information Technology-based digital product development conducted by XXXX.

I am interested in the SSIs program and take a specialization in Cyber-Physical Systems. By studying in this program, I can keep up with the latest skills and knowledge in this field. I expect to gain expertise in the IoT and its implementations to make reliable and sustainable autonomous systems within SSI design and technology processes. I am particularly excited about learning the Design and Analysis of MEMS course, as it will benefit me in developing IoT-based products. Studying in three universities across three countries using Erasmus scholarship will add me experiences to extend my network and enrich me with different academics and cultures. The summer and winter school within this program involves industrial partners that allow me to learn and keep up with the industrial sector's innovation ecosystem.

After completing my master's study, I will improve the lack of XXXX digital products and support industry 4.0 in Indonesia. As part of the nation-wide Indonesian SoE's Ambassador, I will collaborate with other SoEs in supporting the implementation of the 9th United Nations SDGs in Indonesia. Considering my long time experience in the industry, my interest, and my previous academic achievement, I believe I will succeed in SSIs master Program.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,088 3251  
Dec 28, 2020   #2
You have delivered your academic motivation clearly in this presentation. However, you failed to explain why you have chosen to study under the EM scholarship program, what motivated the choice of the scholarship, and what factors led to your choice of university? The application cannot be judged on your academic interests alone. You need to balance the discussion. Revise the total essay to help you better integrate and reflect upon the other information requirements as I have indicated. This is a good motivation letter, but it lacks the other required information in the presentation. So you will have to lessen the academic presentation, or make it more concise, so that you can include other aspects of the motivational sort as well.

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