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Thank you in advance... This is a motivation letter for the program EUROPEAN MASTER OF SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY, AND BUSINESS (BiFTec-FOOD4S). Please help me with the review of the motivation letter.

Motivation Letter Essay for FOOD4S

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the European Master of Sustainable Food Systems Engineering, Technology and Business (BiFTec-FOOD4S). Currently, I'm working as Quality Control and Quality Assurance Executive at Naturo Food and Fruit Products Private Limited. I have got the opportunity to work in both Food Manufacturing and Food Service industries, during my Master's.

I have attained a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering which is a multi-branch degree comprising Food Processing, Farm Machinery and Soil and Water Engineering. As a part of group project work, we had modified a bullock drawn seed-cum-fertilizer drill for intercropping system and a paper related to the same was published in the International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences. For my Master's, I had secured a rank of 48(Junior Research Fellowship) through the All India Entrance Examination conducted by ICAR and secured a seat in Food Engineering at the University of Agricultural Sciences-Raichur. As a Master's graduate in Food Engineering, I have completed my dissertation under the direction of Dr P.F. Mathad. In my Master's Dissertation, I have developed a fluidized bed roaster for roasting chickpea and studies on proximate composition of the roasted chickpea. The dissertation work was completed in 2020 and the papers are due for publication.

Apart from academic learning, I sought opportunities to mine the potential and strengths of my soft skills. Additionally, I started a part-time job as an Empaneled food safety auditor for Equinox Labs, TUV NORD India Pvt. Ltd. and was responsible for carrying out audits in restaurants, centralized kitchens, and food manufacturing units as per the client's requirements. All these experiences enhanced my comprehensive ability, regulatory knowledge, especially for my persistence, sense of responsibility and sociability. Already being employed in the sector, I keenly felt there are a lot of flaws in the industry that can be helpful to enlarge my academic knowledge base and to get into the desired career.

While working for the Naturo Food and Fruit Products Pvt. Ltd., I was given the responsibility of the implementation of BRCGS - GFSI Standard (Food Safety Management System) which I was able to implement and face the audit successfully twice by securing an "A" grade (2020, 2021). My assignments ranged from optimization of tertiary packaging materials, Risk assessment for suppliers based on evaluation, internal audits etc., Standardization of analysis procedures for the products, Labelling of new products as per FSSAI and Codex and also documentation relating to Imports and Exports of products as per FSSAI and Customs. Being a resident of Silicon Valley of India, I volunteered for Concoct Foods by helping them in the development and costing of products, regulatory standards of products, for the clients as per requirement.

The aim of the FOOD4S is what makes me more interested to be a part of such a unique future-oriented program that is based on Science, Sustainability, Safety and Simulation. The courses of FOOD4S together with high-quality industrial practice will be a perfect complement to my academic background and promote my creativity. The mobility around European universities will allow me not only to get well educated in top institutions like KU Leuven with various academic styles but to soak in the diverse culture.

Despite coming from a lower-middle-class background, I was motivated to pursue my passions, and I am grateful that I was able to work and financially support my family. If I am awarded the scholarship, I will be overjoyed because it will allow me to continue to support them with my money.

Based on my background and interest, I think it is a good turning point for me to start graduate study in the FOOD4S programme and would make me a valuable asset for European Universities. The high standard education, dynamic international learning environment and interaction with people from different backgrounds are exactly what I am looking for in my study. With intercultural skills, strong perseverance and a spirit of adventure, I am positive that I will carry out my following study successfully, hence being able to step forward to be a qualified executive in the food industry.

On an academic note, I want to clarify that I have taken four years to complete my Master's, as the research took was up very extensive and my guide passed away in between due to his health conditions which delayed my thesis work and re-allotment.

Thank you for considering the application, looking forward to your positive response.

Yours Sincerely,
Sai Krishna K
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,051 4255  
Jan 3, 2022   #2
For my Master's

Explain why you are seeking a double masters at this time owing to the fact that you have already completed a previous masters course. How does the double masters fit into the reasons for your return to academics? Convince the consortium that you have prevailing imperative reasons for a return to masters studies at thsi point.

I keenly felt there are a lot of flaws

Such as? How did these affect the industry in your opinion? How would you change it? Will this be part of your thesis or the basis of your thesis?


How will the knowledge apply to your workplace? How will it improve your skillset and allow you to help grow this sector in your country? What specific aspects of the program are of interest to you? Why did these interest you? Do not use a generic answer. This portion requires an accurate response.

*Contact me for a comprehensive review.