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Motivation Letter for Hungary, in Bachelors (Business and Finance)

Melovesmilkywat 1 / -  
Jan 12, 2019   #1
To Whom May It Concern,

In this letter, I am going to express my intention to study in Hungary in a Business Administration and Management. I am interested in beginning a career in business and I am certain that this bachelor's program will help me to fulfill myself in both professional and personal contexts.

I have chosen to apply for the Business Administration and Management's school in Hungary because I really like its curriculum and the program covers that business topics that interest me the most, such as Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Communication. As a future business leader, I must be an expert in these fields, capable of analyzing and solving any practical problems I may face. I am sure that the numerous trainee-ships and case assignments I will take part in during this program will help me to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

Mongolia is a developing country, however any country's developing root is the smart, skillful labor force. Today, Mongolia is in the need of that internationally qualified skilled labor force to keep up the pace with the world in agriculture, mining and civil development fields. In the current years, English proficient personnel's demand is increasing due to the incoming co-operated international projects and investments. Therefore, I will acquire the knowledge of Business Administration and Management that based on Communication and Technology to be a contribution in the growth of Mongolia's economics.

During my high school, I studied IGCSE level Business studies for 2 years and I took several international examinations and successfully finished IGCSE level mathematics, ICT subjects and AS level Design and Textiles exams. Moreover, all of my curriculum were taught in English. In the process of learning subjects and preparing examinations, I became more self-sustaining, concentrated and learnt how to implement effective methods in my studying. Besides the international examinations, I successfully finished some English courses with an A grade in upper intermediate level at Jet English school and finished Intensive English course at Miami Dade college.

I am currently having a gap year to put my effort in learning subjects which reflect my preferences and interests such as Mathematics, English language, and subjects in the technological field. Since 2012, I have been participating in assistance and volunteer works such as JCI ASPAC 2017, leader of student council for 2 years in high school, club member of the Toastmasters North Miami beach and many more activities and clubs. I think these activities will be the way in which I can improve myself in society and gain the leadership skills necessary to reach my goals. Furthermore, I always have respected others opinion and demonstrates empathy on the perspective of others.

This program will help me to develop myself as a team worker and cultivate the leadership and communication skills necessary for my future career. I will be responsible not only for myself, but also for the whole team, which I believe is essential for a business manager. I know that studying abroad is challenging thus my experiences will be an aid to withstand any circumstances. I hope to contribute my talents and efforts to study in Hungary and become a worthy member of the community.

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