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Nov 20, 2021   #1
Formulation of a letter of motivation in German or English for the Master's degree programme: the application should describe what the particular interest in the degree programme is and where their own qualification for this degree programme is envisaged.


I see my country, India, targeting to be the world's third-largest economy but still lacks in innovation and sustainability and is ranked 48th out of 131 in terms of innovation capabilities. India has a bad score in the Business sophistication aspect (55th rank) and market sophistication aspect. It means that all this time India's economy is majorly driven by conventional businesses without further effort to create more value through Innovation. I believe India does not lack brilliant or creative people that able to invent innovative products. However, most industries, universities, or research centers in India do lack the Innovative culture, Innovation management practices and do not have sufficient capabilities to bring their invention into a marketable commercial product.

Having been in the industry for more than four years, through my previous Innovative development projects and engagement with Intellectual Property Management Companies, now, I have started to understand how Innovation is a key driver of competitive advantage in today's knowledge economy, how to successfully turn it into a marketable product and how it shapes the future Business strategy. Thus, at this stage, I feel it is the right time to take up the Master's program with Technology & Innovation Management specialization with a strong focus on Strategic Innovation Management, Technology Assessment & Sustainability, Idea Engineering, and Digital business models which conform to my goal of playing an effective and a leading role in the future Innovative product development & its commercialization so to create an innovative culture in India while focusing on the business aspect also.

Believing in coherent exploration, my focus has always been to be academically scholastic. During my Bachelor of Engineering, I get my management foundation through the courses such as Management Concepts, Production Operations & Management, Finance, and Technology Management. I also found courses related to Computing, Informatics, and Engineering Mathematics intriguing. Thus, I was able to secure an internship at iCuerious, an Intellectual property management company. I learned a lot there from being able to understand complex inventions to being able to understand the impact of innovation on the market. I interacted with different companies' executives and understood their long-term strategy regarding patents & innovation and served them with the best of our services such as Novelty searches, Infringement analysis, Freedom to operate searches, Innovation Landscape analysis, etc. Having worked on innovations ranging from the Mechanical domain to Electronics and Computer science, I acquired in-depth know-how of the different technologies prevailing currently.

After my Bachelor's, I joined Steel Strips Wheels Limited (SSWL) in their R&D department. Here, I am working as Deputy Manager and managing a team of 5 Engineers for the New Product Development of Passenger Car steel wheels. I have been handling many Innovative projects like the development of an Electric Wheel integrated with Electric Motor for two-wheeler market in India for vehicle makers like OLA Electric, NIDEC, Bosch; the design & development of Innovative Semi Full Faced and Full Faced Styled Wheels to replace the market share of Alloy wheels; the design & development of High Ventilation Light-Weight steel wheels for the Indian carmakers such as Renault-Nissan and Hyundai. For the design of High Ventilation Steel Wheels, I have filed one Utility patent application at the Indian Patent Office having Application No. IN201911034711 which is currently under examination, and in addition, we have been granted 6 Design Patents by the Indian Patent Office for High Ventilation Innovative wheel designs.

At SSWL, I also lead the innovation incubation team for innovations and researches related to the Passenger car steel wheels. I organize idea generation & idea discussion meetings with the Engineers and the R&D Higher Management to make ideas grow into Innovations. We have also formed Internal Innovation Committee to identify the ideas for rewards and compensation which in turn can motivate engineers to come up with better ideas. While the work at SSWL has enabled me to develop technical & organizational skills, it has also introduced me to the complexities and the real practical challenges that are faced during innovative design and development on the ground level. With the above-mentioned experience and skills, I am sure that I will now be able to fully understand the courses in the Master's program with a wider perspective.

After a thorough review of the curriculum of the Technology & Innovation Management program, my desire to enroll in this program has increased significantly, as the studies will help me gain experience and advance my knowledge in study areas combining engineering, IT, business & management studies. The curriculum that is being offered by this master's program in Innovation management goes in line with my previous work experience and my ambitions. I am excited to study the core business & management related modules namely Strategic Innovation Management, Technology Assessment, Idea Engineering, and Digital Business models which are very well suited for my professional goal of leading the Innovation process in the Industry in the coming future as well as the Computer science modules namely Big data analytics and Information Retrieval methods which will be helpful in data-driven decision-making. This program also offers valuable practical experience through an Engineering project, an R&D project, and a semester-long Master thesis. I liked the idea of gaining some practical experience through these which will help me have some international professional experience with German companies. In the end, Germany is a land of Inventions and being able to study my most interesting course at one of the innovative universities, with high quality of studies & with international alignment will be a boost for my aspirations as well as for my professional goals.

I assure you to fully contribute to the program's intended learning outcome. Therefore, I would be very proud and happy if I receive admission to this program.

Please once review and give feedback. I am really thankful for your feedback.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,948 3857  
Nov 21, 2021   #2
The discussion about India's ranking was a good start, but it failed to connect to a career motivation. Speaking of how you see yourself as a leader in the field, but without a specific path towards leadership and motivation killed this motivation letter. The background discussion is indepth but without a relevant justification for its relevance to your masters course specifics.

The last paragraph better accomplishes the motivational discussion. Why not try revising the essay by expanding on the last paragraph instead? You can take specific topic sentences from there and actually expand those to become more reflective of your motivations. Right now, it just sounds like a litany of the masters course curriculum. It must be better developed than that.
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Nov 23, 2021   #3
The opening statement is great. You showed the problem you are trying to solve with the masters degree. However, the next paragraph(s), though expatiating on your experiences, brought down the morale a bit. I thought it was too long. Instead of using two paragraphs for your experiences, you con compress it to one.

Also, try rearranging the paragraphs; completely remove one of the paragraphs for work experience or compress it (some of the details are redundant), and bring the last paragraph up.

I see that you talked about some of the course modules in paragraph 2, I think you should take some of the information in that paragraph and use it to pad the last paragraph to further drive your point to the reader.