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Motivation letter (Master in International Management and International Relations)

julll 1 / -  
May 29, 2012   #1
What do you think about this motivation letter? Thanks in advance!

I hereby apply for entrance to the Master in International Management and International Relations in the University of *** starting in September 2012. I am very interested in this degree and I am confident that my strong academic background in Business Management and Administration plus some subjects taught concerning to International Relations will fulfill your requirements.

I started my four years bachelor degree in Business Management and Administration in 2008 in the University of ****, and since then I had a clear goal: I did not want to focus my life on Spain. Since I was fourteen years old I started to travel abroad every year. First time I went to London when I was fourteen, and after that, every year I went somewhere in order to practice my English and to open my mind, as I think that is the best way to do so.

This is the reason why I am so interested in gaining a deeper theoretical knowledge in International Management and Relations, which will give me the opportunity of knowing more about the global political economy with its relations and about corporate social responsibility in which I am really interested in (regarding ethics...).

It will also help the fact that I have been during this last year an Erasmus student in Brussels, so I have lived with people from all over the world and spoken about different facts which could help me in discussion at lessons. Apart from that, this experience made me growing a lot as an individual, and this year in Brussels encouraged me to study a Master abroad.

In order my dreams could come true, I am seeking for more theoretical knowledge in these fields and I think there could not be a better university than Oxford Brookes (its reputation, its situation, how it is taught there...), which will augment my future career and provide me the knowledge, confidence and contacts to became what I really would like. This is why I am so enthusiastic to held your Master program.

Thank you very much for considering my request and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

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