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Letter of Motivation - Master in Materials Science, specialization Functional Materials

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Apr 25, 2020   #1

Masters program application letter

Hello, I am writing a letter of motivation for a Masters program in Materials Science, specialization Functional Materials. I would appreciate any help and advice on how I could further improve this letter.

Prompt: Explain why you are qualified for this program, why you picked this program specifically, and how this program will further your career. Address program requirements with own qualifications.

Dear Sir,

My name is ______, and I hold a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego. I am applying for the Master M1 in Functional Materials at the University Paris-Saclay.

Université Paris-Saclay is internationally recognized for its outstanding research and distinguished faculty. As one of the top research-focused universities in France, the exceptional research and educational curriculum has motivated me to apply for my masters studies there. My strong interest in Materials Science stems from the field as a perfect blend of fundamental research coupled with practical applications. By emphasizing both in-depth theoretical understanding with extensive laboratory experience, the Chemistry degree has provided me with a strong background, especially in the characterisation and structural properties of different types of materials. In particular, upper-division courses in inorganic chemistry, crystallography, and thermodynamics have provided me with a solid foundation in Materials Science.

This Master program, which focuses on functional materials, would be a continuation of the materials science research on porous silicon nanomaterials I completed as an undergraduate researcher. Functional materials are emblematic of cutting-edge research in materials science with a broad range of practical applications. An intensive focus on a sub-field of materials science is much more effective than a shallow overview of all materials. The independent research projects on nanomaterials I completed have provided me with laboratory experience in synthesis and characterization of materials, which would prove invaluable for this program. Functional materials have direct applications in the aerospace industry, and this program would allow me to pursue an industry career in aeronautical materials research. Furthermore, the programming skills I have acquired throughout programming projects have provided me with useful independent problem-solving skills.

Having earned a baccalaureate from a French high school followed by a bachelor's degree in the United States, I have gained an international perspective invaluable for teamwork. I have successfully collaborated with international team members, for instance when our team was recognized as having the best research project during the ________. Being bilingual in French and English ensures that I will be able to seamlessly integrate into the program.

This Master program in functional materials would be a key stepping stone towards a career in the aerospace industry. The acquired knowledge and skills would be invaluable to pursue advanced materials science research on aerospace materials such as metal alloys and composites. I believe that the theoretical and experimental knowledge obtained from my Chemistry degree and independent research on nanomaterials makes me a qualified candidate for this program. I look forward to your positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,672 4113  
Apr 25, 2020   #2
The letter is a bit vague in terms of your actual qualifications, any exceptional talents you have in this field, and a career related reason for your choice of course. Your undergraduate research is not a part of your current career qualifications that make you fit for this program. You must express your qualifications in a manner that relates to your current job and potential career path that you wish to follow. The prompt is clear. You need to have a career goal in relation to your application. Prove the applicable nature of the course of study with the job you are doing now and whatever job it is you wish to do in the future. Qualify yourself for the program based on your work related skills and other applicable training you may have received while on the job.

As a motivation letter, this appears to not have any. Your motivation to enroll in the university is not of concern to the reviewer. He already knows why you would be interested in enrolling at the university based on commonly known reasons. The motivation should go beyond that. It must always focus on your career goals. The motivation should have something to do with an ambition that you have for your future in this field, of which the Masters program can prepare you for.

Focus on developing the essay based on:

- I believe that the theoretical ...makes me a qualified candidate for this program.
- This Master program in functional materials would be a key stepping stone towards a career in the aerospace industry
- The acquired knowledge ...metal alloys and composites.

Believe it or not, for all the words that you wrote, these are the only aspects that actually apply to the requirements of the motivation letter. So develop a new motivation letter based on these 3 key factors. When you speak of your career in the aerospace industry, make sure you have a final ambition in mind. Perhaps as a space vehicle developer, a future astronaut, a space mining specialist, anything that ties in your interests with your undergraduate background, current career, and your future career path. Highlight any academic or professional accomplishments as a part of the reasons why you were motivated to pursue higher study.
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Apr 26, 2020   #3
@Holt Thank you very much, I really appreciate the help. I agree the letter was vague, so I'll focus on those three topics, rewriting to clearly show motivation for career goals.

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