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Letter of Motivation Masters in Cybersecurity (Germany)

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Mar 21, 2022   #1
Please Review this Letter of Motivation for Master's in Cybersecurity, Germany

Motivation Statement

Living in a digitalized era, we know that technology is a domineering force in every realm of human lives. Re-defining modernization with cutting edge technology, we are relishing the fruits of its advantages, but we also cannot overlook the fact that we are exposed to certain perils of advancing technologies. An imminent and most malignant of those is 'cybercrime'. There is a rapid increase in vulnerable compromises of data and integrity of our devices due to the increase in cyber threats. Similar to EBay's data breach back in 2014, the range of damage from cybercrimes pose is implausible.

Opting for Computer Science in school, I was introduced to HTML and C++ programming right during my secondary school. In my higher secondary, I had done several projects that introduced me to networking and the communication that took place between the computer components. When I graduated from school, it was not very difficult for me to choose an undergraduate program in Information Technology. Enrolling in Dehradun Institute of Technology in Dehradun, I was positive about the exciting and educational journey that lay ahead. The four-year program was the dais where I could explore my interests further, meanwhile instituting memorable courses such as Database Management, Cloud Computing, Cryptography, Computer Networking, and Operating Systems in which I learned how data is stored, packets transmitted, and what kind of security measures can be taken.

During my course of engineering, I came across an article about the most notorious attack in the world of cybercrime by a Cornell student who accidentally morphed a worm into a virus. The attack was called Robert Tappan Morris and the Morris Worm back in 1988, while this was an accident it ended up costing a sum of 100 million bills in repair cost. After reading this article my interest in cybersecurity peaked, and I ended up spending numerous hours, and the more I researched over similar cases my interest was more solidified. I was totally captivated by its limitless possibilities including the outcomes and impact that instantly comes with it.

As a part of my coursework, I had to conduct a seminar, for which I went through meticulous research throughout my semester, where every now and then I had to catch up with my academic professor to gain few valuable insights. I had taken up a subject on Ethical Hacking and Cryptography. This laid the foundation for a deeper probe into my novel interest in cybersecurity. In the 6th semester of my studies, I had an opportunity to work as a research intern at IIIT-A -during this period I was assigned a role of penetration tester, to prevent third party members from accessing unauthorized access. Here, I learned about a variety of cyber-attacks such as DOS, CSRF, dictionary based attacks, etc. This impelled me to search further into the cybersecurity realm in greater detail. Later that semester, I also wrote a report about bypassing Windows Defender Security, through Trojan horse. It was a new research experience for me. I absolutely enjoyed this task, and before I realized, graduation had come around.

I spoke with my professors on how to go ahead with my career from here to which I was strongly suggested to gain practical experience where I can apply my skills which I learned during engineering into real-life problems. After graduating with the bachelor's degree, I took up a job as a Software Developer at Reliance Industries Limited where I learned about the development and deployment of websites and applications in detail. During my software development career, I have come to know the level of security required by both client and vendor side to maintain confidentiality and security of sensitive information. I came to know about 'bug bounty programe' - an initiative that rewards individual for discovering software bugs. Therefore, I actively participated in the program, to enrich my penetration tester skills. Recently, I discovered a critical bug (response manipulation) on the website's payment page while booking an airline ticket. Upon realizing the gravity of this vulnerability, I immediately reported it to the concerned development team. However, I am still waiting for my bounty. The time spent at Reliance Industries Limited was incredibly helpful for me, in regard to practical knowledge of my latest skills, along with I was occupied in a gratifying and momentous learning curve.

Nevertheless, I heard my calling. A degree in Master of Science in Cybersecurity, which has always been my plan from sophomore year. I had also considered many other options I had for a minimal amount of time and later came to the conclusion that following graduate study in Germany was the finest option for my choice of interest. The institutions with a world-class reputation, conjoined with opportunities available for displaying my true finesse and dedication for cybersecurity, acted as the deciding factors.

While I was looking up for graduate schools in the Germany, Saarland University has emerged as a most suitable option and the program itself is very comprehensive which contains challenging courses and delivers my interests completely such as security management, cryptography, network, and computer security. For starting my career within my interested field, I am convinced that the knowledge and proficiency will be provided. The Master of Science in Cybersecurity at Saarland University will be a perfect platform for launching my career as a Cybersecurity Specialist. While the program will prepare me for a high-flying career, I look forward to making the most of the international exposure too.

My goal is to learn the matrix behind every website and application launched on the internet and how to break them, the attack and defense of any network. I wish to be able to understand different aspects of attacks and defense which will allow me to create my own security architecture which will be adamantine. To achieve this, I have to improve my network security skills along with cryptography while maintaining the ethics, to be able to create the perfect architecture. 10-15 years down the line of my career, I want to be able to lead a security firm or team for top and upcoming companies either cloud-based (Google, Amazon, Azure) or investment banking-based (JP Morgan, Wells Fargo) with security threats.

In conclusion, I would like to say, the degree will help me move towards becoming a successful cybersecurity specialist, and teach me different network and software securities, helping me create my own crypto algorithm and counter hacking methods. I look at each application launched on the internet as a target with securities which can be broken, I can contribute the cybersecurity field by exposing the different kinds of threats or attacks and to help create a counterattack or defense against it.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,221 4319  
Mar 22, 2022   #2
The historical references in this essay are all more than 5 years old making these irrelevant in relation to modern cybersecurity developments. In fact, there is no need to discuss history here unless you can relate it to more concerning data breaches of recent times. Such references though would need to directly relate to your current profession as a cybersecurity expert or analyst. Both of which are not focused on due to the backstory concentration of the early essay part. Why is there zero reference to the career path that led to a need or requirement for advanced studies ?

One cannot expect the reviewer to believe in the choice of course, university , and country when the professional needs and insight that support such choices are messing from the motivation considerations. There are not even references to internship experiences that would have at least shown a professional exposure that would have influenced this decision. The content of the letter is a strech. I am not convinced it can create an impression on the reviewers.

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