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Letter of Motivation - masters in mechanical engineering and energy systems.

sreejith 1 / -  
Sep 30, 2012   #1
HI guys !!,

it is nice to find a site like this
i am a mechanical engineer pursuing for masters in mech engg. with a concentration in Energy systems and technology.
I have constructed a preliminary essay on my letter of motivation, based on my academic activities and industrial experience. i need some light on the aesthetics and the content of this letter.

Please assist me. also find the letter below


Letter of Motivation
As a student in school and as an engineer at work, one thing that was persistent in me was my enthusiasm and inquisitive nature. This characteristic in me caused me to be curious and analytical about every aspect of my professional as well as my personal life. I have always used logic when pursuing my deep intent to learn at every stage of my education and career. With this introduction, I take this opportunity to place forward my interest to pursue a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I recall an incident long back, where I was very curious about a Scientific Pendulum clock. As one would expect from a fifteen year old, I unscrewed the case body of a perfectly working clock and wanted to know the mysterious source behind the oscillations of the pendulum, its gear functions and most importantly the sound of the clock. Tragedy struck, when something flew off of the case body and I found out that it was a hook-spring that held the hammer arms together that hits the rod at regular intervals which made the sound. I could not fix it back at that moment but later managed to do so. Although I had disabled a perfectly working clock, I was glad that I could find out why the machine was keyed and what was being keyed; it was the coiled spring, an element which transmits its stored energy through various links like gears, shafts, arms, etc. This is something that I can understand today as an engineer and is one of the marvelous inventions that benefited human kind.

Engineering studies further expanded my understanding and knowledge of machines. I observed myself inquisitive but matured enough to rely on scientific concepts and principles, something that is gained through academic education and practical application. Courses like Mechanics, Kinetics of Machinery, Dynamics of Machinery and Applied Thermodynamics enlightened me on principles behind fundamental laws that are observed and machines that are engineered. I continued to do well in academic courses while at same time contributed in the campus culture. I was also associated to Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering [IIIE], an Institution that enabled to understand more on various technologies and its advancement in the industry through seminars and workshops. In my final year of engineering studies, I completed an academic project on a Catalytic converting unit for organic wastes which converted the organic kitchen wastes in to bio-fuel. The system consisted of a gasifying unit which gasified the organic wastes and passed it through a catalytic unit which broke the higher hydro-carbon chains in to lower ones. The system also consisted of a condenser (Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger) which cooled the gas to raw oil. The project involved the design and study of Heat Exchangers, Induction Heaters, and the fabrication of the unit, by applying knowledge through various academic topics like, Applied Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass transfer, Design of Machine elements and Design of pressure vessels.

My interests towards science and engineering elevated further as I started working on Reciprocating compressors at Neuman & Esser (Compressor Application Centre) as an Application engineer, understanding the working principle and correlating them with theory. I applied concepts that I had learnt during my undergraduate education to my work which involved learning the P-V diagram for each machine, Adiabatic efficiency, Volumetric efficiency, shaft power etc., understanding the losses and the factors leading to inefficient performance of the machinery during critical issues like discharge valve loss due to valve leakages. While working in the proposal department I could develop a sound knowledge about Technical as well as commercial aspects in a manufacturing firm. I am certain through these experiences that, one should always believe in in-depth analysis, understand the concept, and look ahead to solve the critical task with proper insight. A continuous learning process applied to applications and machinery's, its principle behind the working, and the reason for its need on the first place has always kept me intrigued to study them.

I intend to further a study in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on energy technology. In my understanding the Human dependence on energy technology both traditional as well as renewable is necessary, however with the given depletion of natural resources, there needs to be a transition in the methods of energy production. As a complete transformation overnight is not feasible, I would like to explore in integration of renewable energy technology with the existing methods. I would also like to explore in integrating multiple energy systems in an application with measures to curb down the energy losses during production, transmission and distribution.

It is every engineer's dream to provide smartest of the solutions to the most critical issues in the industry and to establish oneself as a skilled professional. This can only be accomplished through the expansion of one's knowledge base through higher education and a constant push to aspire further. I wish to Progress and participate in constructing and creating newer and smarter ideas to solve primary issues concerning my field in the industry and I consider RWTH Aachen University, as a platform to see myself enable and equipped with all that I dream to become in my career. I am certain about what I share here in this letter as I am confident of what I want to be and this letter is an expression of my aspirations.


please let me know for what is irrelevant and how to improvise.hoping for your response.
ramenbowl95 5 / 8  
Oct 20, 2012   #2
I found your essay to be really well written. It shows the traits you have along with your hunger for the school. Good luck!
abdi39 - / 1  
Nov 16, 2012   #3
Friday December, 21/1984, a child was born in a small village from farmer family. A boy known as 'little Engineer' in early years at his native village, because he had innate ability to archetype new technology such as, car, plane, weapon, and etc using wire, mud and scrap materials . Fortunately, he has begun with a good early education and as he grew, his interests and ability were inclined towards the physical nature of the universe. Ever advancing technologies made him feel that there was a yawning gap between him and the modern world.

His respect for education and inclination towards applied science drove him to opt for math, physics and chemistry in his higher secondary education. He started to be really passionate about mechanical engineering when he learned about the simple machine in high school. He simply enjoyed learning about the Newton's laws of motion and material science. Though it is only a small branch of mechanical engineering, it utterly grabbed his attention. From then onwards, he always dreamed to involve design and manufacturing massive machinery.

Moreover, his innate strengths have always been creative abilities and the power of imagination; which made him take up a discipline that would allow him to channel them in the best possible way. Thus, Mechanical engineering was a direct consequence of his convictions. Subjects like Mechanics, Dynamics, Machine Element, manufacturing Turbo Machine, fluid Power Engineering, Heat Transfers, Manufacturing Process, CAD/CAM, Machine Design, Industrial Management, Kinematics & Theory of machine, Automotive Engineering, Applied Thermodynamics, etc.., revealed to him limitless horizons in the field of Mechanical Engineering. His undergraduate study was a richly rewarding experience, during which he has participated in various Industrial training programs and from his job experience of last four year as Electro Mechanical equipment designer he participate in many large scale project as designer and supervisor.

The pursuit for knowledge has been the supreme goal in his life. People are in an era of global and technological changes where boundaries are fast disappearing and the greatest challenge tomorrow holds for them is to manage continuity of change. To satiate his curiosity and to fulfil his ambitions he has decided to pursue a master's program in Design and Manufacturing. The need for exposure to a wider environment has prompted him to seek an opportunity to study in the Finland especially, at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). The ever-increasing part played by computers in every discipline of Engineering and their synergetic role in manufacturing procedures called 'Computer Integrated Manufacturing' or CIM has encouraged him to learn various design application software packages like Auto Cad 2007, Water Cad, Catia, Pro-E, and Solidwork.

He feels that he has exhausted every avenue of promotion and challenge in his professional career with his current level of education. Lappeenranta University of Technology stood out to him as designer and manufacturer engineer. LUT will not only educate him in the Design and manufacturing focuses particularly on future product design and production technologies. But also, the programme aims to provide in-depth knowledge in design or production related areas, such as machine design, steel structures, welding technology, laser technology, and production and sheet metal technology. It is designed for him who wish to become future technological leaders in the mechanical engineering industry. This will be his first time out of his country, and all he has ever known, and trust that LUT will be a wonderful and relevant experience for him, not just as a student but as an individual and burgeoning, passionate and ambitious engineer

As an international student, he feels that he will add to the diversity of the classroom, increasing his fellow classmate's cultural competency while increasing his own. In Ethiopia, they have one view of the world, and in the Finland, I anticipate immersing myself in its culture and gaining an appreciation for its world view as. It would also help him to learn global standards in this field and become aware of the worldwide competition, which he consider would be a great help for him to make a strong contribution in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Your university with its unique graduate program in Design and Manufacturing and with its commitment to foster intellectual excellence is remarkable and attractive to embark upon an academic career.

Lastly, he hopes that a degree from your university will be the ultimate foundation for his
journey to designer and manufacturer engineer.

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