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Motivation letter for nationalism studies; political science senior; Ethnic and Minority

belolida 1 / -  
Mar 24, 2014   #1
Hello, everyone!
I am a political science senior from Russia. I have written a motivation letter for masters programme, but I'm not sure if it's either good or correct. I would appreciate you help!

To whom it may concern
I am writing to apply for a place in the 2-year Master's programme in Ethnic and Minority Studies at ***University in the years 2014/16. The degree from one of the most respected and recognized universities in Europe is my chance to enrich my knowledge and professionally outgrowth, thereby contribute to the intervening conflicts that tend to occur in multicultural societies.

During my studies at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of *** University I became deeply interested in politics and international relations. My interdisciplinary curriculum, coupled with a fine liberal education, allowed me to enjoy the best of both worlds in the way of developing my critical thinking and familiarizing myself with a variety of theoretical approaches in field of social sciences. I had a unique opportunity to independently choose my personal educational path, which in my case was focused on political sciences. I put a lot of emphasis on the issues of nationalism, identity and their influence on politics within different Russian regions. One of my research projects was dedicated to federalism as the one of the methods of national and ethnic conflict regulation, based on relations between Russia and Chechnya. I also examined the dynamics of national movement development in North Caucasus. My thesis is about cultural institutions and the process of articulation of regional identity in Siberian regions of Russian Federation. The aim of this thesis is to investigate how cultural institutions of Siberian Federal district articulate Siberian identity, and to provide an overview of such a new political project as Siberian identity, and thus make a small contribution to study of Russian regional identities.

However, my academic interest is not limited by Russian case. I studied at the 'Politics of Nation in Europe Today' summer school in Helsinki, Finland, which was organized in the way to cover a broad range of geographical areas, demonstrating how nationalism affects both international politics and people's everyday lives in different parts of Europe. 'United States of Europe - Federalization as a Response to EU Crisis?' summer school in Prague, Czech Republic, was of a great help to me with a wide range of perspectives of the European integration process.

I am a vice-president of faculty Student Council, a public figure of a students' community. I also take part in different conferences related to nationalism. I was in organizing committee for International Conference on 'Empire and Nationalism in World War I'. I participated in an off-site workshop on historical and cultural heritage of Russian Empire at Center for the Studies of Nationalism and Empire, Kazan, Russia.

I intend to continue my research work in nationalism field. The main goal of my future education is to gain valuable research experience and deepen my knowledge on nationalism. Moreover, I am very determined in making a valuable contribution to solving existing problems.

Studying at *** University will allow me to explore the experience of Central European countries, gain knowledge and skills in the field of minority rights protection, which can be used for positive changes in our society.

I would like to finish my letter by stating that should you elect me as your future student, I will make sure to conform to the highest standards set by *** University during my wished-for study there.

Thank you very much for considering my application.
Yours faithfully,
judas 4 / 21 2  
Mar 24, 2014   #2

I think this is a great start. You provide some great points on why you are a strong candidate and what make you unique. Now, I think you should go back and bring up specific points about the university you are applying to. What makes the Master's program in Ethnic and Minority Studies at ***University any different from the other universities that offer the same program? How have the professors in that field from that specific university contributed to research? Basically, you have the motivation reason down, but you need to weave in more about the university you are applying to. It should come across that this university is the only university that will help you accomplish your goals. This may require trimming down on some of your accomplishments to include that information. I hope this feedback serves you well. Good luck with your future draft and best of luck. I'm confident you'll be accepted.

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