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Motivation Letter - Russian Scholarship (Biology and Biotechnology)

maisaaziad 1 / 2  
Nov 16, 2022   #1

letter of motivation

Dear Administrative Committee,

From a young age, I have been fascinated by the biology and the microscopic and how can show the tiny details using it. Studying the biology and biotechnology is important in all life fields. Thus, using them is necessary to improve the life. My goal then is to be a researcher in biotechnology at a renowned university. My name is M.Z.L , and I am applying to the MSc program in biology and biotechnology. Amid these sentences, I will explain why this program is tailor-made for me. Hopefully, convincing you of my suitability as a grant candidate.

I did my Agricultural Biotechnology degree at Al-Balqa Applied University, where they taught me that to apply great science in Jordan, you must collaborate internationally. As we know, unshared knowledge becomes rotten. Therefore, going to One of your Universities, where they publish interested and impactful researches across borders is my priority. and I want to continuing to study and work in my chosen department, I think I'm qualified for the task since I have chosen it and worked hard when I was study BA degree.

This program would lay the foundation for my Ph.D. and future employment, plus, it would allow me to contribute to the understanding of the genetics and biotechnology better. I hope to learn the Nanotechnology that transforming the way we detect, treat and monitor disease, publishing at least two research papers in this topic. Likewise, to access a necessary research center that help me improve my researches.

For instance, I would apply the techniques I have learned in Food Biotechnology and Genetic engineering to help a much-needed plan for the in poor countries that cannot afford to buy a variety of food, while it can buy a specific type, but modified so that it acquires health-beneficial properties and is not financially expensive.

I aspire to study at Russia because their investment in (Research, Development, Innovation) which has earned them international recognition is admirable. Also, I long to continue working in the same field in PHD degree. However, studying in Russia might be a challenge. On one side, language can be a barrier in daily life. Still, I am already taking basic Russian lessons so that it would not be an obstacle. Despite this, in my undergraduate in Jordan, I learned to adapt to universities demands successfully.

Apart from having technical skills, my meaningful experience in collaborative research distinguishes me as a suitable candidate. Therefore, I am prepared to live in Russia, study in university. This chance would bring me closer to Biology and Biotechnology of evolution and to developed my skills in Biotechnology. I am not the perfect hunter, nor do I have the most skilled hound, but as Dr. S said, "I'm glad that I'm not one of those who follow the pack". I would highly appreciate receiving the Open Doors Olympiad scholarship since I know I will hunt great discoveries.

Thank you for your consideration,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,217 4648  
Nov 17, 2022   #2
Food Biotechnology and Genetic engineering

This is the actual focus of the motivation letter. This is the main topic the writer should show a motivation for within 5 paragraphs.

plan for the in poor countries that cannot afford to buy a variety of foo

This is the target of the motivational interest. Build upon this information by informing the writer about the steps that you have taken so far that have built the inspiration / motivation, and where you hope to take this interest during your masters studies.

I aspire to study at Russia

Wrong answer. The response should relate to the agricultural economy, research, and development of the country. The aspiration to study in Russia should be based upon the positive impact their advancements in food biotech and genetic engineering have had on their country that you wish to replicate in your own.

Write a new motivational letter. The existing version does not head in the correct direction in terms of information and study plans that would motivate an interest in studying the course in Russia.

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