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Motivation Letter for Smart Systems Integration Erasmus Mundus scholarship program

shingeki1996 3 / 5 1  
Jan 2, 2020   #1
Hi everyone, I want to ask if someone could give a review for my motivation letter. Thank you very much.

a life-changing experience

To whom it may concern,

My passion towards electronics brought me to took electronics engineering in university and later got a job as test product engineer of linear integrated circuits in Analog Devices, Inc. Although I already got what I wanted academically and professionally, I feel that there is still lacking knowledge and expertise in me due to the inadequate technology in my country that is left behind by other Asian nations like Singapore, Japan and China. To help fill the deficiency, I would like to obtain a master's degree in Europe. I am writing this letter to express my interest in Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integration, Erasmus Mundus scholarship program.

When I graduated high school, I was awarded an honor and scholarship in science and technology for my university studies. Filled with passion and love of electronics, I chose electronics engineering in one of the top 10 engineering schools in my country. I took microelectronics as my specialization, topics about analog and digital CMOS circuits became my new knowledge. With passion and dedication, I became fascinated and interested in mixed-signal, power management and energy harvesting-based wireless sensor networks. In my last year in university, I was able to finish numerous projects in integrated circuit design and layout like operational amplifiers, voltage and current references and later with bigger projects of dc-dc converters and energy harvester circuits. I finished two research papers entitled "High Speed CMOS Pulse Generator Based on Analog Ramp Signal Implemented in 65nm CMOS Process Technology" and "An Energy Combiner for Multi-Source Energy Harvesting with Charge Control" which are about producing high speed oscillation while maintaining the stability of the system and an efficient power management circuit for multiple source energy harvesters, respectively. These papers were accepted in an IEEE sponsored conference in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam where I was able to proudly present my researches and later got published in IEEExplore. My learning and education didn't stop there in undergraduate level, feeling deficient in my microelectronics knowledge got me interested to pursue graduate level course in Modern VLSI at University of the Philippines.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I was able to land a job in one of the largest semiconductor company, Analog Devices Inc. I work as a test product engineer in linear products team which develop breakthrough test solutions for manufacturability and provides engineering support for product and test issues across South East Asia operations. Being employed in a multinational company allowed me to experience diverse culture and learn from industry experts around the globe. In my less than one year in the company I was amazingly nominated by my manager as an outstanding young professional. My recent completed projects were about test solutions to eliminate electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge problems in our integrated circuit products. Presently, I've been working on eliminating contact resistance problems during test procedures by remotely manipulating the program software. Contact resistance issues manifest problems in test parameters like current supply, offset voltage, current bias and other set-up related failures. Not far from my job function, I presented a paper where I was a collaborator entitled "An Area-Efficient and Low-Power Comparator for Type-III Compensated Voltage-Mode Control DC-DC Buck Converter in 65nm CMOS Technology Process" at the Analog Devices Linear Products and Solutions Technical Exchange in Cavite, Philippines. I also submitted my previous research papers in Analog Devices General Technical Conference which will be held in Boston, USA.

When I finish master's degree, I would like to work as a design engineer in my country to support Philippines' semiconductor industry by not only practicing engineering in the fields of process, test and development but also in design as this field has hardly any experts in our country. I am much interested in Smart Systems Integration program because it combines design, test, and manufacturing content into the curriculum. Furthermore, microsystems and microelectronics is covered in the third semester at Budapest University of Technology and Economics which is my area of interest. If I will be selected in the program, I intend to continue my research ideas about energy harvesting integrated circuit for wireless sensor networks. Wireless sensor networks monitor sound, temperature, vibrations or light which are used in health monitoring, home automation, traffic control and smart devices, to name a few. These devices are using rechargeable batteries which are burden in maintenance if recharging and replacement are frequently done. To solve this problem, my research plan is to design an ultra-efficient energy harvesting system which has low power requirements. Imagine a pacemaker with a lifespan 10 years longer than usual or device used for rescue operation in an remote and isolated area with an extended battery life of 10 hours. All of these applications of low power and energy-efficient device leads to the benefit of human being.

My plan of study would be to apply my learnings from every subject into my proposed research. In first semester, understanding and learning about design and manufacturing of smart systems devices is first. Next, I'll be developing core skills in the area of packaging and designing a sensor and actuator which are all great tool to start my research timetable. In second semester, I'll be learning on how to conduct appropriate measurement on smart systems devices and what parameters should I be focusing. I will be studying microsystems design and choose which type of sensor is the best to use on my study, I'm thinking that solar or radio frequency energies are best to harvest. Then, I will start to design my overall energy harvesting integrated circuit in the third semester which is the focus of my project. Lastly, integration of all my ideas will be made in the last semester as well as quality test and failure analysis.

I am looking forward to experience life-changing years in Europe with Erasmus Mundus scholarship program. With the proper combination of expert guidance and my self-motivation, I am confident of achieving my life's goal.
Maria - / 1098 389  
Jan 2, 2020   #2
Hi there. Thanks for coming to the forum!

From the get-go, there are portions of the essay that need to be cut down to have a more concise writing pattern. Doing this would definitely sharpen your essay to make it look more put-together. For instance, the second paragraph could have been separated into two different ones. This would have definitely helped in terms of trimming down the content to what is only relevant.

While you may have found it necessary to explain the company you were initially with, it would have also helped if you would have added more of the key projects that you worked with instead of the recent ones. This would have shown a more competitive angle for you to work with than having everything out in the open.

The most important part of the essay should have been the part where you begin to talk about your future plans - since the program wants to have people who would have a more purposeful way of doing things. Dwelling on this would definitely help your essay become bolder in its ambitions.
OP shingeki1996 3 / 5 1  
Jan 2, 2020   #3
Thank you for the review, I appreciate it. I will start making changes on the letter. Thanks

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