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Motivation Letter - Stipendium Hungaricum - MSc in Biology in University of Debrecen

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Jan 9, 2021   #1

I am prepared

Dear Administrative Committee,
I once read that discovery in science is like a fox hunt. Numerous hounds try to track down the elusive prey, but most hunters follow the loudest barking dog. I prefer to follow a unique trace. From a young age, I have been fascinated by the origin of the evolutionary patterns of sexually selected traits. Studying the breeding and sex roles behaviors is crucial to estimate the fitness of a given animal population. Thus, analyzing them is necessary to improve conservation programs. My goal then is to be a researcher in evolutionary biology at a renowned university. My name is XXXX, and I am applying to the MSc program in biology at the University of Debrecen. Amid these sentences, I will explain why this program is tailor-made for me. Hopefully, convincing you of my suitability as a grant candidate.

I did my Biology degree with Honors at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla, where they taught me that to apply great science in Mexico, you must collaborate internationally. As we know, unshared knowledge becomes rotten. Hence, I have published two research papers, and I am writing seven more about evolution, behavior, and ecology. Therefore, going to the University of Debrecen, where they publish impactful research across borders is my priority. Continuing to work with Dr. TS, an Honorary Professor of Debrecen, at ÉLVONAL, who is investigating sex roles in waders, is my dream. I am qualified for the task since I have monitored shorebirds in Spain and published about their ecology.

This program would lay the foundation for my Ph.D. and future employment, plus, it would allow me to contribute to the understanding of the evolution of sex roles. I hope to learn the statistical models that analyze tradeoffs and feedbacks between sex roles and the environment in waders, publishing at least four research papers. Likewise, to access a network of European collaborators that help me improve conservation programs for threatened birds and insects. For instance, I would apply the methodologies I have learned to develop a much-needed conservation plan for the endangered populations of the Showy Cascade Damselfly in Veracruz, and the Snowy Plover in Yucatán, Mexico.

I aspire to study at Debrecen because their investment in R&D&I (Research, Development, Innovation) which has earned them international recognition is admirable. Also, I long to continue working in the interdisciplinary group of Dr. S since his astounding research shapes the edge of knowledge. Further, assimilating the work ethic of a vast Nobel Prize winner country would leverage my career. However, studying in Hungary might be a challenge. On one side, language can be a barrier in daily life. Still, I am already taking basic Hungarian lessons so that it would not be an obstacle. On the other side, the Bologna Plan is quite different from the Mexican educational system. Despite this, in my undergraduate exchange to Spain, I learned to adapt to European demands successfully.

Apart from having technical skills, my meaningful experience in collaborative research distinguishes me as a suitable candidate. Therefore, I am prepared to live in Hungary, study in Debrecen and publish with ÉLVONAL. Stipendium would bring me closer to advance the comprehension of evolution and to help the endangered shorebirds and damselflies from the Mexican tropical regions. I am not the perfect hunter, nor do I have the most skilled hound, but as Dr. S said, "I'm glad that I'm not one of those who follow the pack". I would highly appreciate receiving the Stipendium scholarship since I know I will hunt great discoveries.

Thank you for your consideration,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,308 3991  
Jan 10, 2021   #2
The essay is strong overall. However, the reference to Noble Prize winners does not add the impact of your motivation. That reference is so commonplace that the reviewers are no longer impressed by the "important" referencing that the students think they make with this "impactful" reference. It does not add to the strength of your motivation. It is a tired reason that you can opt not to use as a reference anymore. Rather, focus the motivation on the accomplishments of the Dr. S, that you are eager to further understand by direct exposure to his work ethics. When you refer to the Noble Prize winners, you are, to use your own quote from Dr. S, "following the pack" rather than making yourself stand out. This is already an outstanding essay that focuses on your motivation in relation to learning. It works in more ways than one. Just omit the Noble Prize winner reference. I mean, that is what I would do to make my essay stand out, use uncommon motivation references.
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Jan 10, 2021   #3
Thank you so much for your help!!

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