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Motivation letter - Stipendium Hungaricum - MA Tourism Management

natura 1 / -  
Jan 13, 2021   #1
Hello! I tried to write the letter by answering the questions provided as a guide. Thank you in advance!

my passion for languages

Dear Admissions Committee,

From a young age, I have been fascinated by cultural and linguistic diversity. Always striving to find a way of interacting with them and cutting through any possible barriers. In tourism, I have found the answer to these dreams of mine. For this reason, my purpose is to shift the perspective of my career, and become a Tourism Manager at a distinguished school, such as the xxx. I strongly believe that the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship will give me the means to turn those dreams into reality.

Following my passion for languages, I majored in Translation, with honors, at xxx. After completing the degree, I decided to focus on the tourism sector, and I obtained a job as a tour guide and shop assistant at a renowned Mexican wine company. During my time working there, I had the opportunity to manage the store for some time. This helped me develop decision-making and problem-solving skills, as well as making me realize that a successful management depends on clear communication, and this is where I could put to work my translation skills.

However, there still is so much for me to learn and I am certain that your master's program will give me the knowledge I need. I am especially eager for the specialization in Tourism Strategic Planning, as I hope to develop a DMO in my region when I am back in Mexico. From this program, I expect to gain economical, strategical, and organizational skills, along with practical knowledge that truly reflects the tourism sector. I will apply these competences by creating an organization to boost quality management in the most important Mexican wine region, which attracts big tourism but fails to keep it, and place us as an attractive international destination.

I desire to study in Hungary because of the rich wine history it has. Just like in Mexico, the wine industry is emerging and starting to be noticed worldwide. I think that I could benefit from the managerial strategies implemented in the Hungarian regions and translate them to the Mexican ones. Another reason for my interest in Hungary is the cultural mix I could be in touch with. Studying with people from all over the world will broaden my perspective even more. However, I know that being in a different country will bring challenges. The most evident one is language, but I am preparing for it by learning basic Hungarian words, so that my introduction to the country will not be as harsh. Another challenge that I expect to encounter is the difference in the educational system. Although I have experienced the European system before, when I did my exchange in Italy, and I know I have the ability to favorably adapt to it.

I believe that the skills, interests, and motivations that I have mentioned make me a suitable candidate for this program. I feel unquestionably ready to study in Hungary and to acquire new qualifications that will help me grow professionally. If given the opportunity to obtain the scholarship and being accepted in the program, I will prove myself worthy.


Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,511 3437  
Jan 14, 2021   #2
Truth be told, the essay is not remarkable, nor is it memorable. It is forgettable. The presentation does not have any stand out accomplishments or motivations. It does not feel like you are qualified candidate due to the lack of reference to significant professional or academic achievements. It is almost as if you know that you do not qualify for the scholarship and yet you are trying your luck by applying for it. The presentation does not feel serious. There should be a deep discussion of the prompts provided based on your qualifications. This is the kind of essay that, in all honesty, will not make it past the first round of considerations. Try to come up with a version 2 of the essay. Review the prompt requirements again. This time, respond prompt by prompt in your outline. Then edit the presentation to suit the flowing written interview requirements of the prompt. That should help you create a more detailed and informative motivational letter. The competition is fierce this year. A simple motivational letter like this just won't get you into the second qualifier round.

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