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Mar 24, 2019   #1

Leuven KU is my first choice

My name is XXXX, I am a fifth semester student in Business Administration at XXX. I would like to emphasize my wish to embrace the opportunity to be placed at Leuven KU for an exchange program.

I was born and raised in XXX, both of my parents were born in the countryside of the state of XXX and they moved to a big city to offer their family a better life and education. The way they were raised made them closed-minded in some ways to see life and as I grew older, I realized that I didn't want to bring that mentality with me.

In high school, I did a language exchange program that showed me what I already knew, I lived in a bubble and I wanted to blow it up. In that experience, I lived with people which I never thought I would be friends with, different cultures, religions and backgrounds that I have never thought I would meet in my lifetime. It made me more interested in the things that were out of my comfort zone and a more comprehensive person, live in a house where people with totally divergent and still have so much in common changed and taught me that what makes people apart is the lack of interest of trying to comprehend the unknown.

Seeing problems in a wider plan is crucial in the business administration field, where being capable of deal with different people and scenarios is a must, and the most effective way to create the ability of adaptation in different situations is experiencing multicultural and diverse environments making the person being capable of understand new cultures, learning new ways of approaching problems and easing the barriers between people.

Leuven KU is my first choice because of its recognition worldwide, wide variety of internationally oriented programs, as well as, the cutting-edge innovation system of learning allied with the tradition of six centuries of education, making a stimulating and fascinating environment to think of study in and the bonus of being located in the heart of Europe, Belgium. The chance of study there for a semester would make an unprecedented impact in my personal life and future career.
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Mar 24, 2019   #2
Your essay already has sufficient information regarding your personal background. It is wise that you mentioned your motivation - and how pursuing an exchange can better you as an individual. I would suggest expounding more on the academic portion your paper. You touched on the field of business administration in your fourth field, however you were not able to link it properly to your current program. I suggest that you go in-depth into this. Going on exchanges are supposedly both academically-fueled and, at the same time, supported by your own personal values and long-term aspirations.

I also suggest adding more details to your last paragraph. You may also include a more conclusive background. The one you have right now still leaves the evaluators with questions. You can answer, for instance, why Belgium's educational system is one that you are truly looking for. Showcase how you've researched extensively about the country's background information to show how persevering and dedicated you are to be part of the program.

Best of luck to your application.