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Motivational letter for a Master's program at the Tampere University. Finnish Govt Scholarship

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Jan 16, 2021   #1

Please give Full information on your motivation. background, career goals.

Why did you choose to apply to Tampere University and the programme(s) you are applying to?
Describe the reason why you want to study at Tampere University?
In the motivation, you must demonstrate the motivation towards studying In the program you are applying for in your own words.
Why did you choose the Masters Program? Describe why you chose Finland as the destination for study. Give challenges you hope to face and how you would prepare for them.

I was only 11 when I had my first experience with the deplorable state of healthcare in my country. I almost died from a case of wrongly dispensed drug. This near death experience not only forms the backbone of my career goals but also awakened in me, a sense of purpose and responsibility to improve the state of health in my country. This fueled my taking up an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy to gain requisite knowledge to improve patient's outcome from drug use and reduce adverse drug event.

The undergraduate course which uses a multidisciplinary approach exposed me to the field of healthcare in Nigeria, a field embattled with plethora of challenges which continues to pile even in the face of interventions from international organizations. A high death rate, a continuous increase in disease outbreaks and infection, Increase in Maternal and Infant Mortality and increasing inequality in the distribution of healthcare between the rural and urban regions and so much more make up the reason Nigeria's healthcare system regrettably ranks 187th out of 195 countries. To make matters worse, the initiatives available to improve the situation have proved insignificant as the life expectancy of an average Nigerian continues to reduce.

I became a President of the faculty in my 4th year as an undergraduate and engaged in a lot of volunteer roles. One particular volunteer work of note was when I formed part of the team that led an outreach to two rural communities near school. The work involved conducting basic diagnostic tests and sensitizations on preventive healthcare. The communities lacked an appropriate healthcare facility and are experiencing a spike in disease rate translating to an increased death rate for the communities. Upon consultations, we observed that most death occur from common preventable Cardiovascular and Infectious disease. If only there was a scheduled public health exercise into these areas. Many pregnant women, children and the elderly lives would be alive. We made referrals to the health facilities in town and appropriate follow up carried out. This activity became my first exposure to the significant real-life impact of public health in my country.

Recent studies comparing the public health state of the country to other developed countries have identified a sizeable gap in public health initiatives and preventive health strategies, and a lack of disease reporting techniques and emergency preparedness in the country. This gap was because of the public health demands outweighing the number of public health professionals skilled at developing and implementing effective strategies to combat these problems.

I graduated with a distinction in pharmacy and a renewed desire guided by both personal and volunteer experience; I took up an online course in Leadership and Management in Public Health, offered by the University of Washington. This course exposed to the multifaceted approach to developing and implementing public health strategies and its overwhelming impact on health of population. It also introduced me to epidemiological research and how it translates to reducing diseases outbreaks and improving disease preparedness. Finishing this course, I started my journey on improving public health, taking up various community consult roles in medication therapy management and disease prevention techniques. Currently, I am working in a rural primary healthcare center, reducing the burden of prevalent infectious such as HIV/AIDs and Tuberculosis.

A personal motivation to strive for knowledge and excellence in pursuing my career objectives and the passion to better the health status of individuals especially in the rural region of Nigeria through important public health initiatives forms my resolve to pursue a Master's of Public health program at the Tampere University, Finland.

Choosing the Master's program in the University was very easy, the multidimensional training of students to plan, monitor and implement health-promoting and disease prevention tactics at different levels played a significant role in my decision as it aligns. The all-important practical/ internship experience further strengthened my resolve.

Finland is fast becoming a diverse multi-cultural hub in Europe. Studying here exposes me to newer cultures and a global network of people from different backgrounds. The unmentioned possibilities this brings would be both exhilarating and fun. Besides, I love the fact that Tampere is only two and half hours from the country's capital; I get a win-win situation- easy access to the big city and while also having a comfortable and affordable lifestyle living in Tampere.

One challenge I would face as an international student is Culture shock, which I planned to overcome by joining the Nigerian Student Association in Finland. Another is the language barrier which I plan to surmount by engaging in voluntary activities where I can learn the Finnish language.

If admitted into the program, I hope to get a holistic grasp and deeper insights into how public health assessment, epidemiological principles, data analysis and interventional design can apply and deployed into addressing and prioritising health need and demands in Nigeria.

After my graduate studies, I intend to return home to work closely with the ministry of health as a public health practitioner drafting local, regional and national health policy aimed at solving public health challenges and contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals 4,5&6 in Nigeria. With my successful background, motivation, experiences and skills Andrew my plans for the future to come, this choice of Masters Programme is a right peg in the right hole for me.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Jan 16, 2021   #2
As this is a masters course application, any stories from your childhood relating to your interest and motivation for studying the masters course is already inapplicable. The reviewers will be looking for your undergraduate studies and professional experience connection with your motivation instead. The undergraduate course must reflect the inadequacies of your early tertiary education in relation to your current job duties and responsibilities. You must prove that your undergraduate course can no longer answer in terms of training, for the current and future needs of your profession.

Mentioning a specific Nigerian government program, as opposed to your observation of the healthcare system will be far more relevant to your motivation for the advanced studies. Your experience as the president of the faculty is irrelevant in this situation and should not be included in the discussion. It does not respond to any prompt requirement.

The reason for choosing the country should come before choosing the university. The motivation to study in Finland must reflect the impressive healthcare system of the country as the reason for your motivation to study there. You may highlight their healthcare system, drug companies, or any Finnish government program that relates to healthcare cover any aspect. Only after that justification can you choose the university.

Name the university, the course, and the specific curriculum requirements that have drawn you to the program. Explain these in terms of how the studies can be applied towards your current or future career in Nigeria. Relate the motivation as being career advancement based in order to create a convincing personal reason. How will the studies apply and how can the university program help you out?

As for the challenges you expect to face, you should be showing a proactive intention to overcome these problems by first, beginning to learn the rudiments of the Finnish language even in informal settings such as using apps. Second, create a social circle for you early on by joining forums and the like to get to know some students from the university or from Finland themselves.

Right now, your essay is a jumbled and confusing draft. You have the information all over the place instead of in a focused presentation. If you use my instructions, the essay should begin to fall into place. While you do have a national Nigerian program mentioned, it is too much at the very end to serve any purpose to your essay. This version is not going to hold the reviewer's attention and could very well be ignored by the reviewer by the time he gets to the second paragraph.
OP Jibolar 2 / 2 1  
Jan 16, 2021   #3
Thank you so much Holt for your feedback. It really means a lot.

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