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Motivational letter for the University Paris-Saclay, Master's in English for Specific Purposes

Dina K 1 / -  
May 6, 2022   #1
i was given some comments about it but I don't know how to correct it - it should be shortened and I have to express why I want this exact program, and I also have to prove that I am able to follow Master's program. What kind of examples should I use to show that?

Motivational letter

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to express my interest in obtaining a Master's degree in English for Specific Purposes at the University of Paris-Saclay.

I really appreciate the idea of individual approach to everyone in learning languages and I would like to learn various methods of doing it, so I could later work it out into a project idea. While communicating with foreign sponsors in my school and university years, I understood my career path. I develop creativity by visiting different events with that theme: presentations about teaching by memes, or teaching to read without alphabet. I finished Finnish education course to go deeper into revolutionary (for post-Soviet Union countries) methods of learning. The necessity of studying this scientific area is getting even bigger for me, as there are destructive processes in Abkhazian society towards non-commercial organizations as foreign agents.

I have been thinking about project idea of the agency to make the education abroad affordable for Abkhazians for 2 years. The idea of my own agency appeared when a whole UNDP department was closed in Abkhazia because of the destructive processes against NGOs. This department was managing free language courses and free TOEFL preparation (all 6 months long or more). For me it connected with the idea of getting rid of low international experience in Abkhazia. Youth there mostly did not hear about useful opportunities abroad, how to apply or what kind of experience they should have to be accepted. In my consulting agency, I would like to provide all services connected with admission abroad. Services have to be inexpensive, because people in Abkhazia are average wealthy. There should be a flexible system of discounts, so my compatriots could afford it. For example, if the client brings another customer, he will get a discount. This project is not about becoming rich, but about the help to improve skills for creating international contacts. Every year the amount of youth involved in civic education in frames of the country and outside it increases. This kind of practice would help them to share experience in various professional areas, make social contacts and travel.

Due to the international isolation of Abkhazia, my university does not have an opportunity to provide its students progressive teaching models and interaction between lecturers and students in the way it is done in other countries. The studying program at Paris-Sacaly university includes creative elements too, not only theory and practice. There isn't an option to obtain Master's degree at Abkhaz State University (in any faculty). Also, my specialty has a special attitude in Abkhazia. Even though Linguistics is an extremely important area for every country, my state should need it even more because of its political status (it is partially recognized). There are not so many people with high level of English language skills and polyglots to create qualified and truthful materials about Abkhazia. The country cannot be represented the right way in world's social media, if there is no one to tell people what the country is. Linguistics and languages themselves are taught here not as science, but as a way of sharing information, because any linguist is a schoolteacher by default. My university has been a pedagogical institute for a long time, that is why, even though the system changed, old methods of learning are still in charge. However, linguistic sphere is a lot wider. I have a big desire to study at the University of Paris-Saclay due to wide range of chances to use my profession as well. I would like to return to my homeland after obtaining Master's degree.

Studying English for Specific Purposes at the University of Paris-Saclay is a chance I would love to dedicate myself wholeheartedly. I hope that my experience would meet your expectations. Thank you very much for considering my request. Please email me at ---- if you have any questions about my application.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,410 4391  
May 7, 2022   #2
It should not only be shortened, it should be deleted in totality with a more appropriate motivational letter written in its place. This does not really relay the informational requirements of a letter of motivation. It is not objective enough in relation to academic advancement needs in relation to the applicant's career goals. It is too conversational in tone, losing professional integrity in the process.

The motivation should come in the form ofa solid masters thesix research or project idea that can be applied to the learning curriculum of your country. Offering specific learning problems in relation to the specific UNDP program it relates to is a must. This letter does not have any solid career development path aside from ideas. Ideas are good but as a masters student, solid plans are better. Solid plans will help you sell yourself better as a candidate since it will help you present your credentials that will relate to your desire and ability to complete the masters program.

With regards to the length, only a revised version of this content can help you achieve a shorter letter. Outline your motivation topics first, then draft the essay. You can adjust the length from there. Do not forget to explain what motivated your university choice. It was missed in this version.

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