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How are you? this is a letter to Naufal - Unipdu FT C

To: naufal
Naufal hay how are you? I hope there you are healthy and not less than any one, here I am very happy because I am here to have a boyfriend woman fal, are you there as I am here hehehe, yes, yes we've enough here !!!



M.Hamdan Arafat/ach.naufal

Nov 1, 2016   #2
Achmad, your letter is not good at all. Your letter could very well be considered offensive in some circles and is disrespectful to women. I am hoping that the mix-up is all related to your lack of control over English grammar. I am not sure what the topic of your letter is and what information you clearly wish to present to your friend. Please, do everyone a favor and revise this letter immediately. This time, don't rush the writing of the letter. Make sure that you follow your teacher's instructions and that you refer to the sample letters at this forum for ideas about how to write it before you venture towards writing your own. At this point, your essay cannot even be edited properly. There are just too many grammar and paragraph development errors for us to work on helping you clean it up.

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