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Your new home sounds interesting, but check mine too. UNIPDU FT D-Letters to Uvi

26 October 2016
My best friend, Uvi
Megaluh, Jombang

Dear Uvi

Hi uvi, I am fine. Wow!! I was very surprised and happy to receive emails from you. Your new home sounds interesting, well.. sometime I will try to visit to your house, if I have some free time. Because now I'm in busy by many college assignments ahh.. why don't you just that my home? Haha.. my mother would have been happy if you come here, and as long as you know my house no less interesting to your house.

Now, I live in village of Ploso Geneng Jombang. Here was my house was, in front of SDN 2 Ploso Geneng Jombang. My house is not too big, but comfortable to live. Near my house, there are several small fields so that in the morning the air was cool. But sometimes in my house was noisy caused by pussing vehicles. In front of my house there is a small courtyard planted some plants and flowers. While behind the house there is also a chicken coop. there are many plants in my little garden, such as banana tree, mango tree, jackfruit tree, and others. My house consists of five bedrooms. Although my room was small but I really like it. In addition there is a bedroom in the house also has a living room, family room, kitchen and bathroom. One of my favourite room is the family room, as the family gathered in the room and joking while watching television together.

That's a picture of my beloved home a simple and quite comfortable. I hope you are also interesting in my house uvi. I will be waiting for you.



Hello Mifta,
your letter has so many grammatical errors which make the sentences incomplete and the meaning is lost.
I suggest that you re-write the letter from the beginning and focus on the structure.

Here was my house was, what do you mean by this or what do you think your friend will understand ??

Good luck
Oct 27, 2016   #3
Mifta, here is a cleaned up version of your letter. I hope it helps you better analyze your sentence structure and grammar mistakes.

Hi Uvi,

I am fine. How are you and your family doing? I hope your are all well. I was really happy to receive emails from you. I am excited about seeing your new house. I hope that I can find the time to come and visit you soon. Right now, I am very busy with college assignments and other activities. You know the life of a college student right? Here's an idea, why don't you come to visit me instead? I know my mother would be ecstatic to host your visit.

Here is my address ( in case you want to come over):

Ploso Genang Jombang

Though my community is not as large as the one you live in now, I am sure you will enjoy your visit. We can visit several small fields nearby and enjoy the cool early morning air. My house has a small courtyard with plants. We also take care of chickens and have harvest a small crop from our fruit bearing trees like Bananas, Mangoes, Jackfruit and the like.

We have 5 rooms so we have plenty of room for guests. My room is not large but it is comfortable. We have the basic amenities of a house like a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and family room, where my family gathers to watch TV. Uvi, can you picture my simple house and the fun we could have if you visit me ? I hope you can come for a visit. I'll be waiting for that time to come.



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