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Obtaining a degree in Political Science and Public Administration; Letter of Intent

ahamedi 1 / 1  
Mar 13, 2013   #1
Hello friends,,

I have written a letter of intent for the undergraduate degree programme in political science and public administration, though I didn't have any idea what letter of intent is, but I just put words together. please give meidea and help me in the last paragraph how to request from the UBC to give me the admition? Please see below:

Dear friends ! I am submiting my letter of intent by tomorrow to UBC. Please help me and give me any idea about below letter. I will highly appreciate that!

Letter of Academic Intent Undergraduate Program
Name: Ahmad Hamedi
Student Number: 54918131
Program: Undergraduate Political Sciences

"Chose the right path in life for a bright future of you and people". My father would always repeat this sentence to me as a lesson of life. After the graduation ceremony of my high school in 2003, I was alert to be leaving the noble place called home. This was a compulsion to gain insight and search for my place in society. Though, there might have been many right ways in life to follow, but due to lack of public educational institutions and poverty it is also not easy to say what I will make of my life in future.

As the decision for choosing my future path was not only for the betterment of my personal life, but also for the people and society I was very keen in that. However, it depends upon people's zeal, interests, and family backgrounds to choose your, it also depends on the political situations in a society where you are grown up. As a son of the army colonel who was not only engaged in political philosophy but also having a family background in Sociology, I was always encircled by discussions about political and sociological philosophies. Moreover, I was particularly taught about families and social structures, tribes, ethnic formations, their role in forming governments by my father and other surrounding elders in my family.

Soon after my school graduation I went to the University of Karachi, Pakistan to pursue my education to the next higher level. I took admission in undergraduate degree programme in sociology and successfully completed in 2007. With the great experience that life had offered me in a war torn country, I gained excellent marks and enriched my knowledge in sociological and also political philosophies. Moreover, I was always taught about realism, behaviorism, comparative politics, absolute and normative governance.

After graduation from University I went to my first job with Canadian Forces CIMIC 'Civil Military Cooperation as a project support officer from 2007 till 2011. CIMIC was detached within International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) in southwestern Afghanistan . The team was focused more on local economic development, infrastructures, reconstruction, social development, also working jointly with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and Canadian International Development Agency. Working in this joint mission was a fortunate chance to develop my education and skills in sociology, politics, public administration, governance, foreign affairs, and International trade and developments.

My primary intent in gaining a Politic Science and Public Administration degree from UBC is to gain an education in a field that I am personally interested in, that will lead to potential employment where I can return to help the people of my country, Afghanistan. Employment opportunities internationally with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the United Nations, and other international organizations would become available to me as a result of this education.

The degree I intent to gain from UBC will not only give a golden value to the standard of my education, but also gave me a chance to positively answer to the main desires of my life and my family. Beside that I have an undergraduate degree in sociology from the university of Karachi. This upgrade into Canadian education will once again put me in the position to practice the work of my passion and my career in Canada which I have been losing over the last two years. My previous experiences in the fields of politics, management, public administration ,and governance will be an extra source of tools for me to use while needed.

Case in point, political Science and Public Administration is something I wish to continue with and work at a far reaching level. Studying under those with more years of wisdom is how I now wish to learn and enable myself to creative positive change and contributions to this world. With consideration all these , I am humbly submitting my letter of intent to the University of British Columbia that I may pursue an undergraduate degree update in political science public administration .

Sincerely ,

Didgeridoo - / 306 191  
Mar 13, 2013   #2
Your LoI doesn't have to be so limited. Along with why you are interested in the major, you should also tell readers about you. So you should start with where you're from, how you became interested in what you're planning to study or the job you want to have, and any achievements, extracurricular activities, courses, or experiences that relate to your intended field of study. Then highlight why you would be a good candidate for studying this subject and what you intend to do with the education you receive.

Also, you don't need to ask them for admission; the job of admissions' officers is to read your essay and consider you for admission regardless of whether or not you ask them to. Extra requests in your essay will only waste space.
OP ahamedi 1 / 1  
Mar 13, 2013   #3
I actually had written a loner one that was describing my previous background in education, work, and family then one I was told that it was not important. one of my my friend who is a teacher of math said that the shorter is the better. I highly appreciate your great help ! I did the required editing in the letter and submited . Thanks again for the great help !

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