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'An opportunity for me to carry out my research work' - Motivation letter

Guzal 1 / -  
Jan 28, 2012   #1
Motivation Letter
Dear, European project team!
Cooperation with the specialists and researchers of European universities creates innovational ideas, which will consequently, leads to economical, industrial, educational and social improvement in a country. Establishing relations in educational sphere and learning from the experiment of other countries' universities are beneficial for us.

I have recently learned about the ARCADE program from our local coordinator and visited web-sites of Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK (courses of Staff Mobility and Joint Teaching) and Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland (courses of Media and technology in professional development of teachers), and decided to apply for the field of education as a staff.

In my letter I would like to express my interest in conducting my research work at one of the European universities under the supervision of these universities. Firstly, I intend to show how the idea of improving teaching foreign language on the base of cooperation of industrial enterprises in the field of education operates. In my opinion having vocational knowledge for a foreign language teacher, especially for technical university is very important. A student of technical university must know his specialization not only in his native language, but also in a foreign language. The solution of this problem depends on a teacher who has at least basic concepts of vocational subjects. However, language-training universities prepare future English language teachers only in linguistics. A teacher of the English language may not know technological processes or types of machines or blasting works at mining pits and others. As a result, future graduators will not be quite competent enough in their field of study. As a teacher of the English language, I must find solution to this problem and I hope your program will assist me in it through acquiring knowledge and experience, which I'll obtain in one of the European universities.

My current research interests are to develop pedagogical technologies for teaching the English language at technical educational institutions. Since a couple of months I had an idea to investigate this research from the experience of European universities. This would allow developing friendly and professional relations between home and host universities and assists both to conduct research and solve problems for staff mobility and joint teaching research. In addition, I would concern the questions of media and technology in professional development of teachers. Media and technology play an integral role in teaching students how to access, evaluate, and use information. Media and the technology facilitator work closely with teachers, administrators, students, and support personnel and focus on student achievement and involve the entire staff in collaboratively planning instructional programs. I intend to observe and learn these processes in European universities and distribute their methods at our university.

For investigation my research I have received a grant from "Istedod", president fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan, (which is a short-term qualification period in abroad on developing modern pedagogical technologies) and obtained the right for having qualifications in one of the foreign country university.

It would be a great honour and unique opportunity for me to carry out my research work at your university. I believe that the research expertise in your university would be the great profit for my current project and the best experience in my academic career.

Thank you very much for time and attention!
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,
Guzal Nurmatova

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