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Persuasive letter (a candidate for a prize of a trip)

jennym82 1 / -  
May 21, 2015   #1

I woule like to recommend Jeff Winger as a candidate for a prize of a trip. In his position as advertising sales rep, he was employed in our magazine about 3 years.

Jeff did an excellent job in this position and was an asset to our magazine. During his tenure, we saw an increase in a range of advertisers that have resulted in increased advertising revenue by 20%. In addition to ,he is a hard-working employe, and will voluntarily work overtime.

As for his weakness, I think Jeff would admit that he does have a tendency to take the lead role;however, he also give us some creative ideas and promote our colleagues.Althought now he is dislikey by his colleageues, they will be joyful with him after knowing him.

In closing, based on my experience working with him, I can highlky recommend Jeff as a prize in our magazine.

For me, I have the second-choice candidate--Britta Perry. Journalist is a very important resource in our magazine.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information.
Trias 23 / 41 14  
May 22, 2015   #2
Hi, I strongly suggest you to turn on the grammatical corrections and pay attention to your punctuation marks since this is a short letter, there is a bigger chance for the reader to find even the smallest error. Good luck!
Naph 9 / 17 6  
May 22, 2015   #3
Hello dear, I suggest you consider on matrix for your letter and define your statements with reasons and examples in this.
If you have a background about what is you say it can be help you for coherent writing.
You can start with easy sample for letter.
I hope you will be successful

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