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Play Submission Letter-I wrote a cover letter for a play titled "White Mama"

gmuturi 4 / 8  
Dec 29, 2016   #1

"White Mama"

Dear Anna,
I am writing to you to request permission to submit my play for Shakespeare Theatre Company production. The play titled "White Mama" is a full-length drama play running approximately 120 minutes. The cast includes fifteen women and fifteen men, ages 18, 20's to early 60's. This play uses an 80's costume wear and an apartment and New York City set requirements. The play "White Mama" is set in New York City during the 1980's, about Estelle Malone, a poor, white elderly widow becomes a foster mother to an African American troubled teen, B.T. Williamson for the support money to pay her bills. When Estelle gets, an eviction notice from her apartment, B.T. enters a brutal boxing match to fight for the money that Estelle needs. The two of them may have nothing in common but in the end, a special kind of friendship has grown in between them. I'm sending "White Mama" to Shakespeare Theatre Company because I believe this play will gain interest to an audience who have been through situations on being homeless and having troubles trusting someone plus it would audience an open eye on what they're missing from the novel.

As for me, I am an actress, a writer, and a student at Montgomery College studying Theater Arts Performance. I started acting at the age of eleven in my first play at Montgomery Village Middle School and continued pursuing acting. In the eleventh grade, I entered a Christopher Columbus state essay and won the contest. It became my first writing experience. This is my first play that I've ever written and I plan to write more including musicals. Enclosing with a synopsis, cast requirements, an overview of the settings, and full manuscript of White Mama. You may contact me via phone at (000)000-0000 or email me at x@gmail. Thank you for this submission opportunity.

Best Regards,
Gladys Muturi
TVLAERE 9 / 24 3  
Dec 29, 2016   #2
I believe that this is enough if you include a motivation. Everybody loves to be flattered, so why Shakespeare Theatre Company?

Once you include that, it's ready to be sent!

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