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Letter to a professor who offered me a research job

rmli 7 / 10  
Oct 15, 2009   #1
hi, I am in singapore , and I am a native speaker of Chinese.
following was the letter I reply to a Prof who had offered an research job for me, can you help me to check ?

Dear **
Scarcely does a choice will be better than this for my case. it well balanced the work and the person wish, so I accept the arrangement.

Although two years is shorter than ordinary PhD duration(even in related direction), it is too long to predict how the situation will be. Present will affect the future, so I would do well to strive for a bright future and prove my value.

I can imagine it will make far-reaching positive impacts for me, sincerely thanks.
With regards
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Oct 15, 2009   #2
Oh dear. The grammar here goes beyond being rough; it becomes something more like a wilderness of error and confusion. It is difficult to make suggestions because I am not entirely sure what you mean most of the time. Here is something that I think might be what you are trying to say:

Dear **

I cannot think of a better job for me than the research position you are offering. The job perfectly blends the type of work I am looking for with my personal interests. I therefore gladly accept your offer. I assure you that my hard work and dedication will amply repay your trust in me. I thank you kindly for providing me with this excellent career opportunity.

With regards

Is this along the right lines, at least?
OP rmli 7 / 10  
Oct 16, 2009   #3
I had tried to write well, and it still be writen like this.
thanks ,it seems I should read and write English more.
acadamia2 - / 1  
Apr 20, 2012   #4
Fulbright Host Letter - host inquiry letter to a professor

A friend of mine asked me to edit their host inquiry letter to a professor. I'm in the US, and my friend is in Russia. What should and should not be in such a letter? He had applied to the Fulbright Program. There's a slight language barrier. Any advice would be great.
othonlima 3 / 4  
May 2, 2012   #5
I don't really get what you want? Can you explain better, so I can try to help you (:

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