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Prospective MS student - Looking for potential research opportunities for fall 2023

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Oct 15, 2022   #1

Prospective MS student - Looking for potential research opportunities for fall 2023

Dear Asst. Prof. Dr. xxxxx,

Hope you are doing well.

I am a xxxxx graduate from xxxx University (2016-2020), Nepal. At present, I am seeking an opportunity for a research assistantship and pursuing MS in xxx at the University of xxxx, focusing on the advanced use of geospatial information and remote sensing for Food security, Environmental sustainability. I came to know about your xxxx Lab and current projects through your personal website mentioned in your profile on the departmental website. I have read your article on "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", which I find really interesting and enjoyed reading it. I have been working in a similar field of geospatial information as a Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry data Analyst for 2 years and have worked on multiple projects; Land use land cover change analysis, flood analysis, open space mapping, house numbering, and UAV data acquisition, image processing and modelling. Moreover, online courses from Coursera, ESRI, Udemy and EO College on Remote Sensing, Google Earth Engine (GEE), programming, and its applications add up well on my qualification.

I have always been interested in learning and exploring the multi-dimensional implications of spatial data and GIScience beyond surveying and mapping. In this pursuit, I have completed my final year thesis and published a research paper on "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx". As of today, the global problem of climate change and global warming has brought unusual droughts, heat waves, and unpredictable weather, adversely affecting the environment and biodiversity. In this present context, I have developed my keen interest in research on yield estimation, crop monitoring, food security, precise agriculture and environmental changes contributing to a global cause and working in the field of SDG 1: No Poverty, SDG 2: Zero Hunger and SDG13: Climate Action. Hence, I would like to know about the research opportunity to study and work under your guidance. Please find my CV and experience PPT for your review, detailing the many qualities I will bring to my role.

Looking forward to your reply. Thank You.
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Oct 15, 2022   #2
Let me just point out that research professors do not appreciate unsolicited emails asking about position openings on their team. This is a waste of their time and, unless the student can actually represent a related research that will bring further developments and avenues of potential research to the currently existing research of the professor, the inquiry email will just end up in the trash.

The student does not have any idea what the current research of the professor entails and how he might be able to contribute to it. Basically, the professor will not bother to connect your skills and inquiry with his current research. The writing is friendly enough and shows an interest in the professor's research but the fact that the student does not know if there are openings is what makes this inquiry letter a forgettable one. The professor will not have the time to respond to this email and neither will his assistants.

Even though the applicant has indicated his relevant academic and research training / interests, it is simply impossible for the professor to be the one to find a place for the candidate in his program. If the inquiry is from someone not involved in some capacity at the research university, all the more his email might be ignored.

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