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Pursuing a Civil Engineering degree in China - scholarship application letter

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Feb 10, 2019   #1


Dear Director General of YYY,

I was very excited to read about the full scholarships that XXX was giving to deserving SSS students. My goal is to go to China to pursue a Civil Engineering degree. It has always been my passion Civil Engineering since ever I was a little boy. By completing my Civil Engineering degree, I feel that I will not only further my career , but I will also help my country to develop. Being a Civil Engineer means everything to me.

In 2017 I ended my high school in XY high school with higher marks. By now I am studying in XZ university in the faculty of Civil Engineering. I served on the debate team and also been the first in my construction option in the national examinations in high school. I am a hard working student who like to get involved in any extracurricular activities that the school offers. I believe in not just attending school but also getting involved in it.

In fact, Dear Director General of YYY, I know that you will receive numerous applications for this scholarship; I am hoping that you will consider my application. The Civil Engineering field is challenging field and one that has difficult classes; however, I will have no problem arising to this challenge due to the fact that I have studied construction in high school and still dealing with Civil Engineering in university and having basic knowledge on it. I hope that my demand will meet your sincere consideration; I thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely


Dear readers, there are no specific instructions for writing this application letter. From where I got it's announcement it was written as one of the required document for application of the scholarship without required instructions.
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Feb 10, 2019   #2
Hello, this is really so SHORT! No offense, but it's so poor. You've to convince the reviewer in your application. You've to talk about your field of expertise, experience, motivation and give examples on your skills; like leadership, networking, ifluence/motivation and future plans. In short, you've to write a (WHY ME) essay/letter.

I advise you to read as many essays and letters as you can, here, you'll find very useful material to help you. You'll find hundreds of letters. Read and try to benefit from others' experiences ..

Good luck ..
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Feb 10, 2019   #3
Thank you for your advice I am going to try and improve it. Basically I am not better in writing, but what made me to compose a shorter one, is that I thought an application letter cannot go beyond one page.
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Feb 11, 2019   #4
Isibo, this is to be approached as a combination of a personal statement and motivational letter and should not be too long. It should not be longer than 1 page of 250-300 words. It is only a cover letter and should not take the place of the other essay requirements that I am sure the application will instruct you to write if you pass the screening round. For the cover letter, merely explaining the development of your interest, reasons why you have chosen to go to China to study, and how the scholarship can help you will suffice.

The motivation letter should explain the reasons why you have been inspired to become a Civil Engineer. Referring to this as being a childhood dream will not be useful to your essay. As a part of the personal statement, you have to narrate how your interest in Civil Engineering developed. From the explanation of your interest development, consider what the pivotal moment in your life motivated you to pursue this as your college course.

The motivational aspect should include a representation of your academic goal in relation to your professional objectives. Once you properly explain these two aspects of the scholarship application letter, you will have developed a comprehensive presentation of the foundation of your interest in the course. The closing statement should explain why you need the scholarship and how it can help you achieve your professional objectives in the future through academic sponsorship. Look up the objectives of the scholarship and make sure to align all your statements with those goals to help boost your screening potential.
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Feb 11, 2019   #5
Thank you for taking your time and check on my letter, All I can guarantee you is that I am going to follow the advices that you gave dropped.

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