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The quality of a reference letter addressed to the Chevening Scholarship

Anwar Al Behadil  
Sep 13, 2017   #1
Here is an example of a recommendation letter written by my professor in Pharmacology addressed to the chevening scholarship committee. Please comment upon the quality and the structure of the letter:

To the British embassy / Baghdad

I write this reference letter in accord with the request being appealed by Anwar. As a professor of Pharmacology, I have known Anwar for three years in the college of medicine. Anwar as writer of prose poems was convincing enough to be recommended to chevening scholarship. He has given me a copy of his published poetry book in 2016: The movement of Nothingness. The latter formulates a true story of an individual with very articulate persona who deserves to be reposed.

He has an intellectual acumen presented through the assignments he worked on. For instance, the seminars he introduced contained ideas always taken from the philosophical realm that were deeply enriching the presentations. This was affected by his passions in philosophy which he seeks to study in UK. Another aspect of his personality is that his understanding of new situations imposed as stressors in college life. For example, being consistent amateur athlete has helped him to mitigate the new quizzes taken every lecture at pharmacology department where he achieved very good results.

The networking skills have been exhibited through his active listening to the professors of the pharmacology lab when he meticulously conducts his practical assignment. While being actively engaged to the lectures through participating in discussions is the very essence of leadership skill.

In summary, I highly recommend Anwar to pursue his study in philosophy through chevening scholarship for his being intellectually and emotionally mature individual.
Sep 13, 2017   #2
@Anwar Al Behadil
I think "by his passions" should be "by his passion" (singular) and "for his being" should be "for him being". I can't see any other errors in this letter
Holt [Contributor] 1506  
Sep 13, 2017   #3
Anwar, for starters your professor in Pharmacology cannot write a recommendation letter for you. The professor who must recommend you must come from the Philosophy department as well. Only a recommendation from a relevant professor will be taken as authoritative by the review committee. That is because the Philosophy professor is the one who can best represent an understanding of how you think, why you think that way, how that helped your performance in class, what was admirable for you in relation to your study of Philosophy, and other related information. The letter above sounds more like you wrote it for your professor and you will just have him sign the letter when it is ready. Don't do that. The reviewers will automatically know that your professor did not write the letter. The dead give away that will automatically negate your recommendation letter, is that a Pharmacology professor wrote a recommendation letter for a student of Philosophy. The two subjects will not meet because they cover 2 different areas of study. You can still use this letter, you just need to get the right professor to sign it as a recommendation letter. Otherwise, if you continue to use your Pharmacology professor, this recommendation letter will not carry any weight in the eyes of the review committee. They will know that your recommendation letter is questionable in terms of source and signatory.
OP Anwar Al Behadil  
Sep 13, 2017   #4
Dear Holt,
I should confess that you are astute in terms of discovering that I who wrote this letter. Being Iraqi, it is very convoluted to have a recommendation letter from someone for we do not use such thing unfortunately in our culture. I have bachelor degree in medicine and surgery so retrieving prof in philosophy who can recommend me is impossible. I have a dream of studying philosophy in UK, I have already two unconditional offers in master of philosophy in UK. Could you suggest some practical solutions to me being recommended by the right person? I HIGHLY appreciate your understanding.

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