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I'm ready to begin my journey. Motivational letter for BSc in CS (Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship)

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Jan 3, 2022   #1
As the deadline draws near, it is getting harder for me to stay calm. I wish to seek serenity with the help of this forum.

These are the questions I should be answering:
- Why have I chosen to apply to this programme?
- Why did you apply to study in Hungary?
- What do I expect to gain from my studies?
- Why does my background make me a suitable candidate?
- How will the programme help me to achieve my goals?
- How does your proposed study relate to a particular development challenge or need at the global, national, and/or local level?
- How will you apply your new skills and qualifications when you return home?
- What challenges would you expect to encounter while studying in a foreign country, and how could you prepare for these challenges?


Dear Administrative Committee,
In an era where information can be instantly accessed via the internet, websites become the face of organizations. As a welcoming smile of a receptionist is no different from an appealing design of a front page, an organization's website has become its reception desk. Thus, the amount of attention given to a website can speak volumes about the organization itself; an unmaintained, nonfunctional, or inexpert looking website usually does not exude credibility. Oppositely, a refined, easy-to-use, and well-thought-out counterpart leaves unforgettable impressions. Hence, a website representing an organization should strive to create the best user experience. My wish is to develop modern websites for Thailand's attractions. I, [Name], am applying for the BSc in CS at the Eötvös Loránd University, and I hope to show you that I'm a worthy candidate.

I graduated and received my high school diploma from [School], where I learned that both knowledge and altruism are needed to help people. Our desire to help can do little when we lack mastery, and knowledge kept quiet will be wasted away. I've been selected to represent the School and participate in numerous competitions, of which I wish to highlight the Webpage Designing Contest organized by the Office of Basic Education Committee that I was awarded with a gold medal twice in two consecutive years. Along with the competitions, due to my diligence and studiousness. My good deeds were acknowledged by the School, and I was given the Sign of Merit Award, which is given to students who have done great service for the School.

Thailand is a country that relies on tourism, domestic and foreign. As such, many tourist major attractions are featured on the official Thailand tourism website. However, I believe there're gems still hidden, waiting to be found and appreciated. My ultimate goal is to give these gems more visibility by providing them with worthy websites where they can show what they have to offer. From a lively village of fishermen to a homestay community, I wish to give them a welcoming smile that they can proudly present to the world. The provided courses will establish the basis I need for future employment with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. I look forward to learning the proper ways of building, managing, and maintaining websites along with soft and hard skills that will be paramount to achieving my goal. So, I plan to gain as much inspiration and experience as possible from as many people as possible during my studies at Eötvös Loránd University.

I'd like to think that our environment can impact our ability to learn. By surrounding myself with great people and putting myself in environments that promote learning, I was able to reach the level of academic success I did. As one of the countries with highest ranking education combined with many interesting and beautiful attractions, Hungary seems to be a choice that makes the most sense as it fits every criteria I am looking for. A perfect environment for learning and mastering one's abilities. However, I recognize this venture will not be laid with roses. This is the first time I will be exposed to European cultures, plus, cold weather and language barrier are some of many problems I will have to deal with. During my cultural exchange at Aorere College, I realized I'm much more resilient and adaptive than I thought since I was able to quickly fit in with my host family even if Covid-19 cases start appearing in New Zealand.

Though as an individual, I dare not say my skills are better than others. But as an applicant, I exhibit many traits worthy of candidacy. I'm ready to begin my journey in Hungary. I'm ready to learn and adapt to new environments. With knowledge and experience I gained, I will help discover Thailand's hidden tourism gems. Receiving The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship will be an honor I'm forever thankful for.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Jan 4, 2022   #2
The opening paragraph is not helpful as it does not pose any information that is not known to the consortium. These are internationally known website design information that does not make you stand out from any standpoint. Not from the motivational aspect, not from the purpose considerations. Open the paragraph instead with a statement about the status of the web design field of your country, what you see as its shortcomings, and where you see room for improvement. These will adequately respond to the reasons why you have chosen to study this course at this time and the reasons behind the motivation. It explains why you have chosen to apply to the program. Remember though, the reason why you chose to study in Hungary must coincide with the web design aspect of your intentions anything related to UI, analytics, and data gathering as emanating from Hungarian expertise will help your application.

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