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Recommendation Letter to British embassy, my journey to study Urban Planning.

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Nov 13, 2017   #1

my journey to study Urban Planning

Nov 15, 2017

( name of my teacher), lecturer
Herat, Afghanistan

Letter of Recommendation for (Naseer Nasrati)

To the British Embassy

I am writing this recommendation letter for (Naseer Nasrati) related to his application to Chevening Scholarships - 2018 graduate study program. (Naseer ) is one of my former undergraduate students for a course that I used to teach in engineering economy at (name of university) University in Afghanistan as a lecturer.

I have studied urban analysis and management at University of Florence, Italy through a governmental scholarship. Currently, I work at Herat University as lecturer and as advisor of Herat municipality.

(Naseer ) performed above satisfactory in the engineering economy course I taught in fall 2015 at (name of university) University. He had above 90% grade in the class for the semester and 100 score on his exams and laboratory assignments. In his project assignments about engineering economy, (Naseer ) demonstrated a thorough knowledge of economic engineering. His laboratory assignments required doing a research about urban problems in Herat city, and he successfully applied the engineering economy fundamentals learned in class to lab exercises involving various types of construction projects. (Naseer )'s work product was satisfactory in the class, and he contributed to class discussions. (Naseer ) was present for all the sessions I taught in his class, and he constantly strove to be among the top of his classmates; his dedication to his studies and work product resulted in his satisfactory performance in the class. Mr. Nasrati also demonstrated good communication skills within the class and worked well in a group environment with the other students.

I have greatly admired his commitment and hard work in his study goals. He was committed to apply for Chevening Scholarship since then, and I am absolutely sure that he will be able to study a master's degree in the UK.

He is coming from (name of province) province, a western province in Afghanistan. Relatively speaking, I trust he must be among the top applicants who come from such countryside provinces. I wish him all the best in his graduate studies and recommend him to be considered for the program.


( name of my teacher), Lecturer
Herat University
Herat, Afghanistan

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3344  
Nov 13, 2017   #2
Naseer, it is not necessary for you to inform the Chevening reviewer about where your professor went to school. That is not necessary in this presentation because he is not the one up for the scholarship. So remove that reference in the essay and replace it with the duration of time instead that the reviewer has known you. Was it only for the duration of the class that you took with him at the university? If that is so, then you have to say that in the essay. The length of time that he has known you is of vital importance to your letter. If you were only known to him for 1 year, then the recommendation may not be very strong. You need to make sure that you show a continued relationship with the professor, such as having him attest to your good moral character in the letter in lieu of the short academic relationship that you had with the professor. There is also no need for you to refer to your province of origin in the last paragraph of the essay. That has no bearing on your application as you will be considered based on your qualifications and not on where you came from. Just adjust the aforementioned information so that you can create a letter that your professor can sign already.

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