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Recommendation letter for Chevening program (engineering and urban)

naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
Dec 28, 2017   #1
need your feedback

leadership abilities and vision for chevening

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Ministry of ...
( ) Directorate

Letter of Recommendation
To the British Embassy

It is my great pleasure to recommend Mr.(full name) in support of his application for pursuing master's degree in urban related fields through the Chevening program. I have known Mr. (name) for two years since he started working as a civil engineer in (name of province) community. I had regular contacts with him before he started working in (organization ) under my management in Sep, 2017 till now.

(name ) is among the punctual and outstanding employees in the office. I was impressed by his precision level and hard-work in at least one of assigned responsibilities, where I requested Mr. (name) to do the topographic survey of (name) city with a team. I was impressed by his comprehension and precision as he did an outstanding job which led in successful completion of the survey.

In addition, (name) proved his knowledge of engineering and urban related issues above satisfactory in monitoring and supervision of on-going construction projects in (name) city. He is well organized and keeps track of necessary issues to monitor and supervise the projects in the best way possible. Mr. (name) also demonstrated good communication skills within the office and worked well in a group environment with the other employees.

I strongly recommend Mr. (name) for Chevening program; his demonstrated leadership abilities and vision have made a positive impact in my office.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information
Sincerely yours
Head of (name of organization) Directorate
name of province, Afghanistan

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3344  
Dec 29, 2017   #2
Naseer, you failed to introduce the recommender within the body of the letter. That should be part of the opening statement. He must first introduce himself, his position, and the organization that you both work for. Only after he introduces himself should he indicate that he is recommending you for the program based upon the length of time that he has observed you as a worker in the organization. I don't really find this to be a strong letter of recommendation because it contains run of the mill information. There is nothing exceptional about your review of your work (I know you wrote this and you still could not find anything exemplary to say about yourself to make your recommendation stand out). Your information is just basic and could apply to any applicant. A recommender should be able to highlight something exceptional about you as a worker under his supervision. Why does he think you will make for an exceptional candidate? Was there a difficult problem that you resolved? Did you gain the attention of the other bosses that helped to elevate your status as a worker? What is it about your work skills, traits, and abilities that might set you apart from the other applicants? There is no sense of that in this essay and since this is for Chevening, you need to make sure that your information stands out and can compete with the other recommendation letters that will be submitted.
OP naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
Dec 29, 2017   #3
i will work on that and revise it
you mentioned good points
i will use those points to revise and answer all of the points as you mentioned.

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