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Letter of recommendation for an employee. Master's degree

Lilittt 1 / 1  
Feb 9, 2019   #1
Greetings! I am writing a letter of recommendation for my employee to receive a master's degree in international trade.

1. How long have you known the applicant and in what relationship?

2. What are applicant's capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses (in regards to academic achievement, passion and interest for indede major, future academic potential. integrity. creativity and other)

3. Please comment on the applicant's performance record. potential. or personal qualities which you believe would be helpful in considering the applicant's application for the proposed degree/research program.

I need your honest opinion to improve the letter. Please give me feedback.
Thank you in advance.

support to an applicant's candidacy

Public Joint-Stock Company Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation (hereinafter PJSC BANK Otkritie Financial Corporation) is a federal bank and is in the TOP-10 large systemically important banks in Russia.

My name is Ivanova Lilit, I am the chief specialist of the customer service group in PJSC Bank Otkrytie FC and mentor of Marina. She was accepted into the company in April 2017 as an associate trainee, as she was studying at the university at that time.

Given the fact that Marina was enrolled in the state after the 3rd interview, I believe that she has perseverance and determination.
Since then, Bank Otkritie FC has experienced a number of difficult stages, one of which is the reorganization of the bank. At that difficult time, many customers refused our services, and employees left the company. XXXX Marina fulfilled her duties, despite the difficulties. She showed high stress tolerance, was able to work efficiently in multitasking mode, and in a timely manner acquired a large amount of information. We appreciate her loyalty and flexibility to the changing structure of the company.

At the very beginning of her work at the bank, Marina had one weakness - excessive demanding of herself in everything. The pursuit of excellence in several cases hindered her work, and she did the main tasks in the last place. However, all this time she worked on herself, and now after almost two years Marina distinguishes well for herself the important from the minor and copes with the set plans within the specified time frame.

Experience has taught her to pay more attention to the main points in the achievement of goals. Of course, there is still something to work on. But now, I am confident that she will be able to cope with this in China, and the new environment will be of great benefit to her.

As her mentor,I can assure you that she is one of the most conscientious employees with whom I have encountered in all my career. Marina exceeded the planned targets for several months in a row to attract funds to the company's investment products, thereby influencing the results of the office as a whole. Soon she was promoted to the position of a specialist in the customer service group department.

We have repeatedly received feedback from bank customers on the hotline about the excellent work done by this employee. This can be supported by the fact that AXXXX Marina became the best employee for service and sales of bank services during the year. Marina is a professional for me, one of the promising employees we have recruited to our team. It embodies the perfect combination of attributes that we are looking for in a consultant: personal experience, excellent analytics and problem solving skills. Marina is popular among her colleagues and clients because she shows great attention and deep respect for others.

In June 2018, the management of Otkritie Financial Corporation PJSC Bank chose her candidacy as a participant in the X International IT Forum with the participation of the BRICS and SCO countries in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. This is a serious indicator of company trust.

Among the qualities I can highlight the openness to communication, honesty and the ability to see the positive side in everything. On a personal level, I can say about her creative side, she always tries to develop and try herself in different directions. Once, a ski sports tournament was held in our city, and I saw her last name among those who wanted to represent PJSC Bank FC Otkritie in this tournament.

Marina possesses exceptional persistence in achieving goals. She often brought notebooks and printed electronic textbooks with her at lunchtime, she copied and taught something. It turned out that she was learning Chinese, which surprised me. Then I did not know why she needed it, but now I understand. I can say that she went to the decision on studying in China for a long time, and I think that I consciously made this choice, because in such matters she shows maximum responsibility.

I am sure that the above skills will help her to become an outstanding student for your university, and your university will help her to deepen her understanding of the subject that interests her. It is important for me to pass on my highest support to her candidacy. In my opinion, Marina has the necessary intelligence, diligence and enthusiasm to successfully complete the program.
eviand /  
Feb 9, 2019   #2
Something that I found missing is the responsibilities that the recomendee had in the position you describe. Maybe try to connect that to her capabilities and strength.

Otherwise it seems like a thorough evaluation
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,591 4458  
Feb 10, 2019   #3
@Lilittt The recommendation letter is too wordy and because of that, runs too long for the reviewer to totally consider everything that the referee has written in the text. Try to shorten the letter by using bullet points for every position you have had, accomplishments in that area, using a transition sentence at the end of it to introduce the next series of relevant bullet points. This is one letter that needs to be easily scanned for highlights by the reader rather than read word for word. There simply isn't enough time for the reviewer to read a letter that runs like a mini-novel in length. Keep it short. Use bullet points with highlight titles for each presentation. Don't allow reader boredom or reader irritation to set in on the part of the reviewer. That will be detrimental to your application.
afaf_93 2 / 5  
Feb 10, 2019   #4
I think it's too long and mentions some unnecessary details and repeated description of your employee strengths
Hope it helps
Good luck

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