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A recommendation letter for my student from Information and Communication Technology teacher

Oct 7, 2019   #1
Hello, I am writing a

recommendation letter for my student for KGSP Scholarship

Date : 07/10/2019

The KGSP Scholarship Selection Committee:

I am writing a letter on behalf of xxx an Ex-student at yyy College who is applying for the KGSP Scholarship program 2020. To get straight to the point, Asif is, without a doubt, one of the strongest High School students I have had the pleasure of working at yyyCollege.

I was xxx's Information and Communication Technology teacher for almost one and a half year. For various ICT and Technology related courses, he was enrolled in several of my classes.. His performance was outstanding. I enjoyed watching him successfully grapple his way through Networking , Communication and Programming Classes which seemed struggling to many other students. He was an inquisitive , honest knowledge seeking student both in my theory class and Programming lab courses. He had a natural interest for knowing and exploring technology and inner mechanism of it .

Asif had been a very active member of xxx Information and Technology club .
In the beginning , He showed his talent through showing his knowledge in CSS and basic understanding of HTML and C++ while making our college IT club website.

His dedication to Computer and Technology field was proven while he played a very significant role in Configuration of System Network Setup (Router, IP configuration , Server ) and Game Hosting during xxx IT Carnival-2017.

Due to the lack of time he got to know things fully , he was not completely an all expert in some fields of Information Technology and Communication but it was clear enough that he had a good amount of knowledge and honest enthusiasm to work further in the Technology sector.

During his college period , I heard him to work with Android Studio using XML to develop an eye checking android app with his friend in 2016. He gained quite a bit of knowledge about that topic even though XML was not included in our ICT syllabus , Which proved his inner passion and interest for Computer Science.

Having carefully observed this student for more than a year period , I felt about him to be an actually talented , academically high achieving , driven with purpose student who knows his goal and tries to get things done .He had a wonderful capability to adapt himself to a new group of people and help them as much as he can being Co-operative. He kept an excellent balance between his academics and extra-curricular activities. He has been one of the best driven , bright students I have seen so far.

Finally, yyy has a good amount of knowledge about Technology and great enthusiasm to learn, adapt and exceel in a new situation . He can become a good leader according to the situation demand. Student with such high potential and driving force is very rare to find. He is a unique student and a great asset in a institution to have . I hope all the best wishes for his scholarship and University life in Korea.


Lecturer ,
yyy College
zxy , Dhaka

Recommender's Name zzz

Maria - / 1,102 389  
Oct 9, 2019   #2
Hi, welcome to the forum! I hope that the feedback you see here helps you somehow in your writing endeavors.

Firstly, the introductory paragraph, while it was great that you had a straightforward approach to writing it, the composition is still off-putting due to the lack of formality in structure. Consider that you need to incorporate more pauses and punctuation.

Furthermore, try to also compartmentalize your writing. It drags your essay when you continuously repeat yourself. For instance, taking a look at the second paragraph, the first two sentences alongside the latter ones were quite similar to each other. I highly suggest that you focus on merging and compartmentalizing everything in a better light.

Best of luck!

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