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Reference letter for Master of Design program in Hungarian university

Ani0506 2 / 2  
Jan 25, 2022   #1
I will be appreciated if anyone could give feedback on the reference letter provided by my manager. I am applying for Master of Design program. Thank you.

letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I am honored to write a reference letter for Ms. X, whom I have been working with on a daily basis for nearly a year. I have known her since March of 2021 when I started working as a manager of the Product Development Department in X LLC.

Ms. X treats her work with a great devotion and accomplishes given tasks and responsibilities at professional level. She is not satisfied until her work has done completely and it becomes a huge support for factory workers to further carry out their individual tasks according to Ms. X's worksheet and instructions. In stressful and complicated situations, she tends to be open-minded and makes accurate decisions based on careful analysis. Moreover, she often thinks outside the box and produces creative ideas when it comes to designing the garments. Considerable amount of the company's cashmere accessories is designed by her. She makes thorough research including fashion trends and consumer behavior and creates innovative designs based on them.

Also, I have to emphasize that it was her initiative to introduce an innovative computer aided knitting program from Germany to our workplace. Since using this program, our departments' work has become much easier and save lots of time. With her previous experience and knowledge in other companies, she volunteered to teach the program for other design engineers in our team. She aspires to develop not only herself but also others. All these traits had led to her high reputation among employees and she further proved herself by receiving the 'Employee of the year' award granted by the company in December 2021.

Outside her professional life, Ms. X actively engages in personal development and networking activities, such as advancing foreign language level, taking design classes related to her interests and volunteering at local NGOs.

I strongly believe studying in Hungary to pursue higher education will be a great opportunity for Ms. X to expand her knowledge and skills which will contribute to not only herself, but also to the creative industry in Mongolia.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,703 4121  
Jan 26, 2022   #2
The first paragraph must contain a clear reference to the position of the person making the reference. It must explain what sort of interaction occurs between the two persons. That said, this person making the reference has only known the person for less than a year. That makes the reference weak due to the lack of true familiarity within the workplace of the persons involved. It would be better if the reference is made by a previous supervisor who has no more than 5 years working experience with the applicant. It offers a more rounded character and professional reference for the candidate.

Remove the reference to outside the workplace. This person is not supposed to be a friend of the candidate. Such a reference will disqualify this recommendation because the key requirement is that the referee will be basing the recommendation on solely a professional point of view.

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