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Reference Letter for Student Graduate Admission (International Affairs)

victorialee_ww 1 / -  
1 day ago   #1
Hi all! This letter will be used for supporting my application to Master's programs in international affairs & public policy. I would be grateful to receive your candid feedbacks on this reference letter, maybe by answering the following question:

1. if this is a well-structured letter?
2. does it fulfill its mission to introduce the unique characteristic of this student?
3. is there any wording needs further polishment?
4. is the format correct?

Thank you!

Letter of Reference for student name

With pleasure, I bring my high recommendation of student name for admission to the Graduate Program at ... . She is one of the most brilliant students I have ever encountered, hardworking, and possess a growth mindset.

Student name proved herself an intelligent learner when she participated in my lecture course "course name" III and IV, which I designed to encourage critical thinking on global issues from an IPE perspective. She has always been actively engaged in class and contributed many valuable questions; more importantly, she never afraid of sharing them.

In addition to classroom participation, she also showcased mature analytical skills in midterm group presentations. Her presentation demonstrated a very clear logic and efficient delivery despite the complexity of the topics assigned. In the final oral test, not only did she had a comprehensive understanding of the listed questions, she presented more profound thoughts by reading all texts covered in the syllabus. She also shared her feedback on the course, showing sincerity when getting along with others and high standards for herself. In recognition of her diligent attitude and outstanding performance, I granted her full mark for both semesters.

However, I was most impressed by her perseverance to study when she contacted me in discussion to improve her academic skills even after graduation. I appreciate her determination of self-improvement and offered her some works as a research assistant. While she has done an excellent job writing an intensive literature review and building a series of data graphs, her work in argument reconstruction wasn't exceeded my expectations. Yet, given that it was a challenging task for any undergraduate, I see a lot of potential in her.

As far as I know, the program of ... at ... offers an inter-disciplinary teaching model and an international network, which I believe will be a good opportunity for her to dig deeper in the IRs field while becoming a person with vision. Thus, I assure you that she is a qualified applicant and will ensure successful completion of all expectations set by this program. I recommend student name most highly and without reservation.


Holt [Contributor] - / 9,709 3055  
9 hrs ago   #2
None of what you hoped to achieve was reached by this letter. The grammar is severely imperfect. It creates a problem for the reader who is trying to understand what is being said. You also did not truly represent any instance that will highlight your abilities as a student and researcher. The letter does not show any substance at all. You should also understand that the person writing the letter should introduce himself or herself at the start of the letter. This will help indicate the authority that this person has to speak regarding your character as required by the letter. The letter should do the following:

- Introduce who is speaking, what relationship that person has with you, and how long that person has known you
- Describe an instance relevant to your chosen masters program that will highlight your ability in research and advanced studies.

The letter requires professional assistance that cannot be done under our free services. You have to consider our private services for the editing of the content and improvement of the presentation of your letter. As of now, the letter does not work to your advantage.

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