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Does my resume look alright to you?? any help would be great! thank you soo much

hakimhusein 6 / 10  
Sep 21, 2009   #1
San Jacinto College: Houston, TX 2009

Relevant Experience

President 2007 to 2008
Student Government - San Jacinto College, Houston, TX

Pete Olson for Congress 2008
District 22: Houston, Texas
Successfully supervised and coordinated 20+ volunteers throughout a highly competitive congressional race.


2008 Outstanding SGA Officer Award

2008 Spirit of San Jacinto College Award

The Student Government Organization sponsored charity event, which raised $1,400 for the Jori Zemel Children's Bone Cancer Foundation

Honored by the Houston Police Department as I worked alongside the HPD in our community

Guest speaker- San Jacinto College, Pasadena, TX graduation ceremony. (1,000 in attendance)

Experience in working with community colleges bond issues/elections

San Jacinto Times: Wrote an opinions article 'Al Jazeer changing Mid-East'

Community Activities

AmeriCorp Volunteer 2009 to 2010
The Arab-American Cultural & Community Center: Houston, Texas
Coordinated many out-reach events to the community such as The National Serves Day, The 9/11 Day of Serves Project and the 8th Annual Health & Safety Fair. Was rewarded a $5,000 scholarship to any school of my choice.

Crisis Counselor 2008 to Present
United Way: Houston, Texas
Currently serve as a Crisis Counselor on the suicide hotline at the United Way Foundation.

Tea Room Volunteer 2008 to Present
Hope Village: Friendswood, Texas
Supervise, coordinate, and socialize with special-needs children of varying ages in Tea Room restaurant.

Language Skills: Speaks Arabic

mia7 3 / 4  
Sep 21, 2009   #2
Is this resume for a job? If so needs to be revised. If you do not have strong work experience, develop a career objective. Normally your education, licensure etc is at the end of the resume, that needs to be expanded, what is your degree?

Your work experience needs to flush out your skills, using more adjectives, action words. What does successfully supervised and coordinated mean?

"Developed a highly integrated cross functional team, that contributed to the successful congressional campaign of ...

Student Government...what role did you assume, elected? appointed? What did you contribute or accomplish during your tenure?

Your resume does not pop, a hiring manager spends about 20 seconds screening, and you need to get their attention immediately both by contant and style to have them take the time to read in depth
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Sep 21, 2009   #3
You have included more or less the right sort of information. You should probably expand on some of your entries, but which ones depend upon what job are you applying for. Usually, you try to tailor your descriptions of your experiences to match whatever you think your prospective employer is looking for.

You need to put your resume in a better format, too, but that is impossible to do on this site. You can find resume templates, though, in MS Word, or online if you use another word processor.

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