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Self-help books - MOTIVATION LETTER

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Jan 8, 2022   #1


Self-help books and quotes always attracted me from the start. I read a quote once "In a few decades, the relationship between the environment, resources, and conflict may seem almost as obvious as the connection we see today between human rights, democracy, and peace". This quote stuck in my mind, and I started reading about how important it has become to protect the natural environment we are living in. I always find myself curious about different natural phenomena occurring in today's world like climate change, volcanic eruption, forest fires, and the reasons behind it. Depending on this and on the perception of the greater good, I researched and found out that "Environmental Sciences" is the best option for me to study further. My passion for protecting our environment led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences from Quaid e Azam University. The program taught me valuable skills like research, sampling, critical thinking, effective communication, and confidence. All this love for this field continued and encouraged me to apply for master programme on sustainable materials for Masters.

The reason I want to gain this master is its focus on students who are motivated and focused. As it is obvious from my profile that I am very engaged in volunteer activities and also have participated in various training programs. I am interested in pursuing this program to become an environmental specialist and meet the sustainable development goals of my country before the target date 2030. This master will help me improve my research and critical thinking skills, and I will be more focused on environmental issues faced by my country today like climate change and air pollution. Sustainable development is one of the major global challenges facing the twenty-first century - this much is beyond dispute. Yet, it remains unclear in which direction, within which social and ecological framework, and by means of which strategy sustainable development can move forward. Studying SUSTAINABILITY MATERIALS will help broaden my perspective and will help me learn concepts related to sustainability and environment and will equip me with skills and qualifications including research, pollution prevention, advanced data analysis, environmental modeling, and critical analysis. I will use these skills to provide my services in the Ministry of Climate change by holding an environmental manager position. I will work in the Pakistan Environmental Protection Department and monitor the emissions of NO2, CO2, and VOC through environmental modelling. I will use my research and critical analysis skills to devise techniques to reduce these emissions making Lahore smog free and Pakistan pollution free and carbon neutral country.

During my last semester, I worked on a research project "Assessment of solid waste generation of Quaid e Azam University Islamabad using Geographical Information System (GIS)". The research project focused on estimation and monitoring of solid waste generation, collection and disposal of the University, and generation of maps explaining solid waste generation using ArcGIS software. The project helped me enhance my practical and research skills and encouraged the University administration to take steps to improve solid waste condition in university. During my internship at "Petro Waste Busters", I learnt waste management skills, and learned how to imply health and safety techniques in the workplace. I learned the implementation of waste management techniques in industries, and also did a project on the collection and entering of data on google documents and SPSS files.

I aim to increase environmental awareness among 60% of the population in Pakistan by 2030. Moreover, I aim to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases especially carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide by 40% by 2030 and achieve the 13th goal of SDG (Climate Action) before the target date 2030. I aim to shift at least 60% of the people in Pakistan to renewable energy resources like biomass, compost, wind, and solar energy. The beneficiaries will be people suffering from respiratory diseases due to smog and air pollution particularly in Lahore, small villages prone to indoor air pollution and governmental and non-governmental environmental organizations.

In five years after competing my Masters, I will pursue my post-doctoral degree and research work in a world-class university on scholarship. I would like to research on the use of renewable energy resources for energy to restrict the use of fossil fuels so that harmful gases like CO2 and NO2 are not emitted in large amounts. While pursuing my PhD degree, I want to open focus my private consultancy to write Environmental Impact Assessment reports of ongoing projects and meanwhile open a forum to discuss and solve the ongoing environmental issues at that time. The forum will contain professionals from international environmental organizations and will research on different strategies to tackle climate change and deal with environmental issues to reach SDG 11th and 13th before 2030. Moreover, I would work in international organizations working in Pakistan especially SEED-Sustainability in Energy and Environmental Development and governmental organization Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency as an Environmental Engineer. While working in these organizations, I aim to introduce energy efficient light systems in every community to save energy, introduce solar panels in open areas, introduce air filtering systems in polluted areas such as Lahore and Rawalpindi, limit the use of fossil fuels and increase the use of renewable energy resources, include the course of "environmental awareness" in school level in Pakistan, so that children become aware of the environmental issues and propose solutions on how to tackle them on individual basis. I will participate in COP26 program to help with the climate resilience Pakistan.

I want to achieve much more in my field and for my country through this prestigious master program. Success is incomplete without legacy; therefore, I want to give something big to my country. With this highly informative degree, I strongly believe that I can tackle the environmental challenges faced by my country and make Pakistan a carbon neutral and pollution free country.

Thank you for reading.
Yours sincerely,
Rimsha Saqib
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,051 4255  
Jan 8, 2022   #2
The letter is filled with impressive and almost unrealistic career goals. That does not matter so much though. It proves you have a career plan. The problem, is that you have not managed to connect your previous studies and current career experience with the candidate requirements of your chosen course. Too much ambition without enough foundation will also create a weak application. The prompt requirements were not totally addressed due to the severe future ambition presentation. Review and revise those parts. Allow yourself a chance to deliver full responses to all the needed discussion points. The essay will be stronger and more impressive once the representations balance out. Balancing the content will require a new version of the essay to be written. Not a draft edit, a new essay, written from scratch.

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