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"Stipendium Hungaricum" program - Motivation letter

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Dec 25, 2019   #1

the brilliant Hungarian minds

I was watching the Sissi movie (1955 Austrian film) with my mommy sitting in front of the television. I loved it and want to watch again, again and I was never bored. But that movie repeated a few times a year. Sissi queen is an independent woman who believes in her heart. I want to be like this women and Hungarian women are independent, smart, cheerful, strong, and persistent. I want to learn from them that behavior that makes me desire to go to Hungary. I am interested in Hungary from a young age and want to go to this beautiful, historic urban centers, a picturesque landscape, and a flourishing culture place. This is one of my dreams. This year I saw that "Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship" and told myself I will apply to this programme. And I reasearched to read some information about Hungary from sites.

Everybody faced with a choice and make their first step. "The first step is the most important. It is the most crucial and the most effective as it will initiate the direction you have chosen." Said Steve Backley. The first step is the most important. My first step will be in Hungary where there are more international students living and studying that help me to communicate with global people and realize the Consumer Behaviour of global. It will help me to become more likely to have a competitive advantage rather than study in Mongolia.

When I was young I and my younger sister always play outside of the apartment. My parents have not enough time to spend time with their family. My father was a fireman and sometimes he went to forest fires to put the blaze out for a few months. And my mother was a policewoman she was working someday for all night to sniff out. Me and my younger sister want to buy ice cream or some snacks. But we do not have enough money to buy some snacks or dessert. When my parents working we always made our decision by our self. That built our self so independent. Now I am studying at the High school of the University of internal affairs, Mongolia. This year is my senior year. But on my summer holiday, I realized I am not going to become law enforcement. When I was working at the "Bioplus" company by marketing manager I comprehended I love to do marketing. When I successfully sold my products It was like watching grass grow. That's how I choose my future profession.

I will study in bachelor degree by English with International student. That help me to improve my English skill and recognize the culture of these people. I am trying to improve my English. I have not dreamed about going abroad with a scholarship from a young age. But after I attended some events I appreciated to study with scholarship in abroad. Then I learned English by myself few years ago. I don't want my young generation to be like me. Want to help Mongolian teenagers to realize an early age.

I want to learn brilliant Hungarian minds in marketing as much as I can. Then I will share and contribute all what I learned to my country. My ultimate goal is to help some Mongolian National Manufactures to go to the world by their marketing. Many people imagine Mongolia by Genghis Khan and unknown our culture. I will help them to distribute our culture products. I believe this scholarship will equip me with required knowledge and skills needed to achieve my goal of influencing the economic development of Mongolia.

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Dec 28, 2019   #2
Hi. Welcome to the forum. Here is my feedback.

First and foremost, try to stick with language that's more consistent. Implement this in terms of grammar and the like. This will nurture your writing to be more academically appropriate in the long-run.

Aside from describing Hungary, try sticking more to what the program itself has to offer to you. It would be better to relate your experiences and expectations with what you're going to anticipate to gather from the program. By doing this, you'll have a more focused approach to writing which will allow you to be more dedicated towards a specific purpose.

While giving background information is alright, it isn't necessarily supposed to be the sole focus of everything. Especially since your writing has an academic focus to it, it would be much better to stick to this instead of beating around the bush.

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