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Study and Future Plan about KGSP program

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Feb 3, 2017   #1
Hi everybody could you to see the second part and give me your opinions, the truth this part is very difficult since sometimes it is not clear what will be the plans for the future.

Thank you very much

Goal of study &
Study Plan or Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan

studying Architectural Engineering

My goal in studying Architectural Engineering's postgraduate course in Korea is to learn firsthand about the building processes and technologies involved in developing an architectural project, as well as expanding my knowledge of leading-edge engineering using In the country and the management of these projects; In addition I intend to go more deeply into the knowledge about ecological architecture, sustainable design and planning of the architectural environment environment, since it was an issue that explored during my career, I included it as an investigative part in my thesis of degree And I think it is very important at the present time, especially in the field in which I am going to focus.

In order to address all of this and come up with a thesis that may be about "Development and design of building enclosure systems to improve the environmental efficiency of high-rise buildings," I plan, during my first year of mastery, to take laboratories or courses that Help to have the tools to carry out this research, where it can deepen in subjects like design and analysis of structures, technology of the construction, construction of systems of enclosures of buildings both from the esthetic and technical point of view, among others, to establish the Bases of the thesis. And in the second year I plan to go into the detail of topics such as urban building and environment analysis, laboratories on materials and on energy conservation in buildings, with a focus on sustainable design; During that year I also plan to take a course on building information modeling (BIM), so that I can graphically represent and show results of my research.

Future Plan
After Study o Future plan in Korea or another country after study in Korea

After studying this master, and culminating that wonderful experience of living and studying in Korea, I would like to be able to take all that knowledge and the image of Korea wherever I go and where I work, I plan to continue improving and always work in a correct and effective way , Proposing innovative designs and structures that solve different construction and habitat problems.

In the future I would like to have the experience of working in Korea for a while, as it would complement my studies and could apply the knowledge acquired in the masters, positively contributing to Korean society in the importance of building buildings and places to live, but Taking into account the care of our environment, as well as the development of more projects focused on sustainability and comfort as the wonderful example of 청계천 that meets those characteristics. I also hope to be able to work as a bridge between Korea and Colombia, participating in the design and construction of large projects and working cooperatively with some Korean companies that are already developing construction projects in Latin America and other parts of the world; I think that continuing along this path will allow me to have an international performance in my profession, which I believe is very important these days with our globalized world; After finishing my master's degree, I will be able to expand much more the subject of sustainable architecture and construction technologies, and thus be an example of the quality that there is in the construction industry in Korea.

Thanks to this opportunity given by KGSP, I know that I will complement my professional training, in addition to living an enriching cultural exchange, being able to take all this experience to the labor field in both Korea and Colombia, so that in my country there is also an important development in technologies And that in the future in Colombia, sustainable design can also be explored and applied as a solution to the environmental issues we have today, providing a better quality of spaces, buildings and life to people.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,635 3478  
Feb 3, 2017   #2
Julian, you can only post one essay per thread buddy. So I will only respond to the Study Goals essay. You should start a different thread for the Post Study Plan essay. The mods will delete the second essay once they see it so you better act fast and start a new thread for the other essay. I'd hate for you to miss out on useful advice based upon a technicality.

Your Study Goal is too short for this essay. It should at least be a full page long. Depending upon the specific requirements of the prompt, you may have also missed out on representing some other aspects of discussion that the reviewer requires. Do me a favor and post the instructions for the essay so that I can better assess the content of your work? Thanks. The study goal should also present an idea as to why you have chosen to study at a particular university in Korea instead of your home country. Convince the reviewer that your studies can only be served in Korea because of a specific reason. At this point, your essay is too general in content and should only be considered a draft. Additional information, such as the earlier suggestions in my response, are necessary to better build up your response.

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