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Study Plan for Canada study permit - MA in Educational Studies at university of British Columbia

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Jan 7, 2021   #1
Hello everyone! I have written my study plan for Canadian visa officer, and I would be grateful if I can have your comments. Thank you in advance for the time you are taking to review it!

study plan for Canadian visa officer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been admitted to the Master of Arts in Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia. I see furthering my graduate studies in this field not only as an opportunity to enhance my abilities and experiences in many aspects but also, it will pave my way to learn about the latest developments in educational research and its application to practice.

I am going to pursue my studies in Canada as it is the first destination for international students, thanks to its outstanding quality of education and its top-ranked universities, where educators are highly trained and their various educational backgrounds bring diverse prospective to the classrooms. Moreover, Canadian universities provide applied and skilled professional courses for students from all around the world and this aspect of it is a strong motivation for me to study there.

Having more than 10 years of experience as an educational specialist in the faculty of Literature at Alzahra University provides me with the marvelous opportunity to be in close contact with students and learn about their instructional needs. Open education is a new term in curriculum design which has recently attracted authorities' attention more than before and I strongly believe that in our educational system its importance and value are underestimated. Open courses which are designed based on student's interests and intended to encourage them to learn practical skills is something that is always needed in the Learning Center of the faculty. In order to have practical courses, a knowledgeable and experienced curriculum designer can play a crucial role; someone who provides students with measurable plans and structures for learning. In other words, a comprehensive and practical curriculum design can encourage students to emerge themselves in their studies and make the learning atmosphere more appealing for them. Consequently, in my future studies, I am eager to focus on syllabus design and learn about the process and methodology of creating quality learning environments and experiences for students. I have the intention to explore how open educational practices are being actualized in formal higher education and their impact on learning designs. In addition, investigating synergies between existing models of constructivist and networked pedagogy and how it affects various approaches to personal knowledge management. I believe that a well-crafted curriculum serves as a reference to ensure that students are on the right track.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, I require studying detailed and practical courses academically. Research in the field of curriculum development at Iranian universities is not being conducted systematically, the courses in the field of education are offered in the form of rigid selections of different articles and the absence of empirical work and research is highly noticeable. Additionally, communication channels between planning and practice are vague and there is no research based on needs assessment as the foundation of the programs.

Therefore, I choose the University of British Columbia since the faculties' research areas in the school of education are aligned with my interest. To elaborate further, this faculty which brings together diverse perspectives on education is an ideal place for me to study. Furthermore, conducting research in a new context with the international statistical society and target goal will provide a unique opportunity for me to enrich my knowledge and apply it to improve the quality of studies in my country. I believe that studying at this university especially under Dr. Catherine Broom's supervision, allows me to get acquainted with the latest innovation in this field, and working in its modern and well-equipped language labs will prepare me to make Alzahra University the premier in curriculum design for open courses in Iran.

Modeling one of the most developed educational systems and localizing it based on the needs and conditions of our universities, will definitely make me eager and determined to choose the University of British Columbia as a place to pursue my education. Besides, creating a network with Canadian specialists in curriculum design and professors who can be of help to me once I return to Iran, is another interesting point of studying over there.

My manager offered me a position as a researcher and curriculum developer in the Learning Center at Alzahra University where I can prove myself and implement all I have learnt to make this center as one of the most unique, up -dated centers in Iran. To be more specific, learning how to provide and design open courses at this center is my major goal which can be fulfilled after my graduation. It will definitely be a progress in my carrier and it will smooth my path toward a higher and more specialized position. Therefore, considering my intentions, this degree equips me with the knowledge that I require for my career purpose. What is more, Canadian degrees are highly credible in Iran and Alzahra University, like many other organizations, assign its top positions to those who have practical experiences and theoretical knowledge.

My professional plan which is the main reason for this study will play the main role as my tie for returning to Iran. During my career, I noticed the short comes in material development, curriculum design and its crucial role in the advancement of students. Creating an effective, friendly and practical environment for students through open courses are my genuine concern and strong reason to come back to Iran and share my expertise in developing these areas. More importantly as my parents who are in their mid-70's live in Iran and we are emotionally connected, I will definitely come back to take care of them. In addition, I grew up, studied and worked in Iran and during these years I have created strong circle of close friends and colleagues who are irreplaceable for me. Beside these professional and emotional ties, I own two apartments in Iran which are my father's gift. They serve as a source of income for me during the period of my study as they are in rent. I have also enough savings and my mother supports me too if it will be necessary.

Sincerely yours,

Maryam Shirdel Pour
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,837 4174  
Jan 7, 2021   #2
especially under Dr. Catherine Broom's supervision

- Unless you have actual documentation that will confirm that this professor is going to work hand in hand with you during your studies, you should not mention her name. She will be contacted by the authorities to confirm the claim you are making in this letter. If she answers on the contrary, it could end your quest for a student visa. It is better to find a more generic reference for this section to avoid any unwanted complications or results.

The ties to Iran seem strong enough. I am not sure if the visa officer will view it the same way bit having businesses, as a source of your income is a solid reason for you to not work in Canada and for you to go back home after your studies. Do not tell the officer that you mother will financially support you if required. It has to appear that you will never require financial help while you are a student in Canada.

* In response to your question, everything else checks out for your study plan. It is clear that you have related study intentions and that your studies have an application in your home country, which you plan on implementing upon your return.
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Jan 7, 2021   #3
Thank You so much for your prompt respond.
My professor's name is mentioned in the letter of acceptance. However, as you advised I do not mention her name. I will omit the supporter part (My Mother) too.

It seems that the purpose of my study which is the most important part is clear enough. Is that right?

I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

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