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my study plan for student visa application

Lilliannnnnn 1 / 1  
Jul 29, 2014   #1
Dear all, my English is really not good, the following is my study plan for visa application. I know there is so many so many grammar mistakes in this article. So I really need your help. Thank you so much for your attention.

Study Plan

My name is Lillian, born on 02 July 1993. In 2010, I entered North College of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, majored in Financial Management and graduated in July 2014. I worked very hard to study financial foundation knowledge in school. I want to get greater academic achievement through pursue accounting and financial knowledge.

Why chose New Zealand, not only because it is really a beautiful country, but also have one of the most advanced education system. I know the Chinese traditional education system or learning method and way of thinking and the great differences between overseas. And it is bigger and more challenging in the future. But I will take the achievements for further progress in order to increase my English level continuously, adapt to new environment faster, learn more about advanced knowledge.

Massey University is the biggest university in New Zealand, and scored successes in Business. I was delighted to have been admitted as postgraduate student in Accounting &Finance by Massey University. As Massey University's motto: the implantation to infinity. I will cherish this opportunity study in Massey University and work so hard during my two years abroad study, provide valuable basis for my return back to work in the further.

Before I make this decision, I discussed this big matter with my family. I have obtained total support from my parents. This made me more certain of my decision. And I made a study plan as following:

1, I will master English in less time, and adapt to local cultures, provide basis for 2 years postgraduate study.
2, study Accounting& Finance very conscientiously, this my favorite and familiar subject. And finish the study smoothly within 2 years.
3, when I finished my study and come back to my home country, I will find a right position in the accounting field. I will use finance knowledge what I have learned from the New Zealand achieve my dreams.

I believe that study in New Zealand will be a fruitful stage of my life. I will finish my postgraduate study and come back and get a good further.
OP Lilliannnnnn 1 / 1  
Aug 8, 2014   #2
Dear Chole,Thank you so much for your reply.
I will revise my study plan.
Thank you again.
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Aug 26, 2014   #3
Well, if this letter for applying Student Visa, you need to include these details ;
1. Which University you are going to attend
2. What is your major and how long your course duration would be
3. How you are supporting your financing the course fee and other costs... are they borne by your parents or a scholarship or some sponsorship?
4. Talk about your arrangements with regard to accommodation

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