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UNIPDU FT-D LETTER TO ERSA; I've just moved into my home and live with my parents

October 18, 2016
My friend,
M. Ersa Rusbianto

Hi Ersa, I'm fine thank you. Yes indeed i've stayed in Tangerang, but now i've moved into my home and live with my parents.

My hose is quiet atmosphere because it is close to the mosque, many people passing by went to a mosque. State residents around me are not too dense, as separated by many trees and gardens. With so many trees in my house into the cool air does not feel as hot as in urban areas. There is a unique tradition in my village, every week is held nightly patrols activities in turns. And i had a turn patrolling the night every Friday. I have many pets, such as chickens and cats, you should here if you want. I'll show you my pet. Oh yes, now i has not played the game yet, so sorry we can't play game together, but don't worry we can still meet at another time to talk about our hobby.

Thank you for sending me letter. I am very happy to receive a letter from you. It means you not forget me, see you next time Ersa.


Nur Wakid

Oct 27, 2016   #2
Nur, there are so many grammatical errors in your letter that is just best for me to revise the whole letter to show you how it should be written. By the way, you have noticeable spelling errors in the letter (e.g Hose = House) please pay particular attention to that in the future. Also, remember to return the question about how you are doing to the writer, it is the decent thing to do.

Hey Ersa,

I am doing quite well. Thanks for asking. How are you doing these days? I don't live in Tangerang anymore because I moved back in with my parents. The house I currently live in is not as quiet as it could be because it is located near a mosque. So many people pass by my house on the way there. I do not have too any neighbors so I have some privacy. Since my parent shave many trees and gardens on the property, it is not too as hot as a home in an urban area. The shade of the plants and trees have a cooling and relaxing effect. We also have a small farm with chickens and cats. I have some other pets as well that you would not believe I am taking care of. I now help to patrol my village on Friday nights. This is something unique to our area because we want to ensure the safety of everyone living here. I haven't played our game in a long time. Don't worry though, I promise to play with you when you come visit. I'm sorry we can't play right now. There just isn't any time because of all my academic activities and social responsibilities.

I really enjoyed reading your letter. Thank you for remembering me. Please write to me again. Let's talk about our hobby. I hope to see you soon Ersa.

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