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(a Vancity teller position) - My Cover Letter

haradesu 1 / -  
Jul 28, 2011   #1
Hi there,
Below is my Cover letter applying to a Vancity teller position. Please help me!! Thank you!! :D
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

Please accept this cover letter and my resume as an application for Customer Service Representative position.

This position is an ideal prospect, in view of my experience, education, skills and career interests. It will be a great opportunity to capitalize on both my education and professional experience whilst allowing me to progress in my career and advance within finance in general.

I completed Financial Management Program last year. It was a pleasure time while I was studying in investment programs such as mortgage loan and stock investment. Eventually, I decided to start my career in banking. Meanwhile, Vancity has been being my number one interest since when I was studying at SFU. It was my first time to have an U-Pass, and at the back side of it, I found the logo of Vancity. Later on, I found Vancity has been the most powerful sponsor and partner with Vancouver local communities. Then I've realized that Vancity is comparatively a small organization, but it has the biggest potential to grow in the future.

Currently I am working at an education company. My job is selling workbooks, each with value $110 per month, designed for an age group from 3 to 18 years old. I visit my customers for 30 minutes in person every week to provide them with the optimized products. It's my pride to supply them with qualified service and also maximize their satisfaction. From this job, I have gained practical customer service experiences such as handling claims or managing customers. Moreover, as I am fluent in both English and Korean, I'm ready to serve a wider customer base.

With my education and experiences, I am confident that I will be a positive addition to Vancity, Thank you for your valuable time and consideration. I look forward to the chance to learn more about Vancity.


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