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I am writing a motivation letter for data engineering master program at Jacob University

Teren 1 / -  
Jan 5, 2020   #1
Hello there! I may need a little bit help with my motivation letter for Data Engineering master program at Jacobs University.

Any suggestions are welcomed!

The Motivation Letter

My name is [My name]. Currently, I'm a senior student majoring in Software Engineering at [My university]. I am writing this letter in order to apply for the Master's degree in Data Engineering at Jacob University, out of my passion for pursuing my goal in this direction, readiness in the academic foundation and related skills, as well as a desire to join and contribute.

To begin with, my long-term career goal is to work as a product manager or engineer or start my own business to design and implement valuable software products that promote efficiency and productivity in a certain industry. This requires me to possess software engineering knowledge as well as have a good sense of business. Therefore, I endeavor to achieve great academic performance and ranked fourth in my faculty during my undergraduate study. The academic knowledge of computer hardware and software from courses offer me guidance when programming. Besides, I am always interested in information techonology solutions for business problems. That's why I attended contests or engaged in practical projects which helps me understand the value of my software to specific business and received suggestions to improve it.

On my way to my goal, practical experiences provide me with precious opportunities and glories, but they also show me the limits which inspires me to further my study. I was a core team member and later the team leader of the "Seeing" Analytics System Project Team. I helped to design and implement the "Seeing" system, which analyzes the performance of movies and calculates the contribution of actors by involving data mining and natural language processing based on historical data. We received awards, obtained software copyrights and even got a chance of holding a conversation with Zhujiang Film Company executives, one of the earliest and largest filmmaking companies in Guangdong. However, the conversation pointed out drawbacks of our software. In general, our software has flaws in providing valuable information and requirements of the company call for professional knowledge and skillful data analytical methods in the movie business. I realized that the biggest part of the research that we missed is involving a data analyst expert in the industry. Had we included one, we could have created a more comprehensive system that could answer the requirement of the entertainment industry.

Another project that has contributed to my desire to improve my knowledge is the research experiences in text recommendation. My intention in researching the algorithm is to help me implement intelligent software and the algorithm will be its core. However, after I accomplished the research and published it in the 2019 International Asian Language Processing Conference, I found that there is a gap between research and industrial practice. I realized that doing researches on the data mining algorithm doesn't mean that I am capable to build an intelligent system. After all, industrial software with advanced algorithm requires a robust infrastructure that enables it to manage and process mountains of data.

Consequently, I find that enriching my knowledge in data engineering and analytics at your program will be of great help to reach my goal. It will also benefit me to match the Big Data time. From what I have gathered, your program offers courses on data engineering and data analytics. I am convinced that your course including distributed databases, cloud computing will enable me to construct systems that perform efficient and scalable data processing. Data analytics courses will help me receive professional training in the ways to analyze data sets at large scale and build smart systems. Moreover, your program offers focus tracks on supply chain engineering which I think will be of great help for me to deal with the practical issues in business. I strongly believe that the program will improve my future perspective in whatever I enter the workforce or start up my business after graduation.

Additionally, Jacob University is one of the most international and intercultural universities in Germany. I am certain that globalization will be a trend, and Jacobs University aims at educating the international students for the future which means they can learn from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I highly recognize the international context and I strongly believe that it will have a positive influence on my future life.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,686 4117  
Jan 11, 2020   #2
Teren, the statement of purpose essay and the motivation letter are often confused by the student applicants. You have done the same thing. This is a statement of purpose, and a very strong one at that. It is not a motivation letter. The motivation letter should contain references to the basis of your desire for higher learning. That means, you have to discuss the current situation in data engineering, the shortcomings that you see, or the potential for improvement that you have found for yourself as an engineer that you hope to address (for problems) or develop (for improvements). You don't have to delete this essay. Keep it handy for the time when you need to write a statement of purpose. This essay will require only minimal tweaking to make it a highly useful SOP. Here is a clue as to how you can rewrite this essay. The motivation for improvement can be seen in the following sentence:

I found that there is a gap between research and industrial practice...

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