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A letter written by me to introduce one of my friends for a newspaper award.

Quyennguyetri 1 / -  
Nov 25, 2022   #1

recommendation letter

Dear newspaper editor,
Lately, i've heard that your press is seeking a person who has helped in taking the community to a higher one. Therefore i am glad to promote John the one i think would meet all your needs. He has taken part in many helpful community projects since he was 15, such as: " Helping Blindness people in making a living" and "How to green your living place" and so on. In addition, John has 4 year - experience working in a local preserving forest organization as a leader of Planting tree team. 4000 trees have been planted in the suburban all thanks to John and his team. John denoted himseft in providing a better place to live in for everyone. So i would not hesitate to tell you that John is the person you are looking for.

In my opinion, i think John doesn't require any valuable reward for his contributions, so putting his name down on your headline paper is enough. That would not only merit his jobs, but also build up a pattern for other residents of this city to learn.

Thanks for your time. If you want more information about John, you might call him later. Here is his number: 080808080808
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,397 4385  
Nov 25, 2022   #2
This is not a very good recommendation letter. It lacks so many elements of an effective recommendation such as:

- Who is making the recommendation?
- In what capacity does he know this person?
- Why he believes the programs of John qualify him for the award from the newspaper?
- Why he believes that awarding the title to John will benefit the newspaper.

The letter also does not have the proper letter format for a formal letter of recommendation. I would recommend using the block style of writing for this type of letter, with the correct heading provided at the start for the formal letter. the block heading should indicate:

- The name of the editor/ position of the person being written to
- The name of the newspaper
- The location of the newspaper

Additionally, since the writer is the one recommending John, his contact information should be provided for the interview portion of the recommendation. John cannot be contacted because that would be a conflict of interest in the part of the candidate.

If this is meant as a task 1 exercise, I have to admit that this letter is not well written and cannot receive a passing mark because of GRA problems, aside from the C+C problems that I have indicated above.
Slyrae 1 / 3 1  
1 day ago   #3
In addition to the advice above, please revise your grammar.

Ex: John denoted himseft in providing a better place to live in for everyone
Himseft= himself. Read over your writing or/and use a grammar checker to find any potential mistakes.

You must capitalize all "I"s and take a more formal approach with your writing.
Also, the second paragraph seems negative in it's phrasing. It seems like you're putting your friend down a bit by saying he doesn't deserve the award/any kind of reward for his efforts. This seems to imply that his efforts aren't enough to deserve anything. Personally I'd recommend replacing the second paragraph with an answer to one of Holt's questions.

Hope it helped.
jenny0601 2 / 2  
1 day ago   #4
First of all, I think you explain who you are and the reason of your letter
4 year - experience working => 4-year working experience
but also build up => builds up

Thank you for reading, have a good day

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