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Young Professional for International Business and Economy - A motivation letter for undergraduate

alieayaa 1 / -  
Jan 8, 2023   #1
Hi! I'm sharing my motivation letter for uni's entrance and scholarship, I'll be more than happy to have you send me feedback on my writing! (this has to be 4000 characters and show my suitability for BSc in International Business and Economy degree.

letter of motivation

January XXX, 2023
To Whom It May Concern,

A conversation with my elementary school teacher about Asean Free Trade Area ignited my curiosity about global trends. I was amazed by the idea of a borderless community and digitally connected world; this drew me to look at globalization closely ever since. Growing up in Indonesia and spending an exchange year in the United States, I am compassionate with how different cultures and languages entail challenges and opportunities in international business.

The sophisticated knowledge I gained through social science specialization in high school has honed my appetite for exploring business-related subjects even more. "Global Trends in Business and Society," an online course I took, has provided me with the concepts and tools to analyze how global trends set the direction for the international market heterogeneously. Being a keen reader of The Economist familiarized me with the current global economy and geopolitical affairs, essential aspects for expanding the market in a different region. Learning on my own, I attained an ability in independent research and further understanding of the subject. My desire for personal experience led me to work at BPS - Statistic Indonesia. Collecting socioeconomic, employment, and asset data from hundreds of households was physically and mentally demanding yet strengthened my interpersonal skills.

To experience international life, I went to an exchange program in the USA with a scholarship. Living with an American family and attending a diverse public school immersed me in different walks of life. The USA's openness toward globalization has brought about millions of cultures from all over the world. Interacting with my peers has taught me values and appreciation of differences. I picked up some languages my friends speak, such as Spanish and Chinese. Living in an entirely new environment is challenging, yet being open and adaptable helped me encounter obstacles during studying abroad. In my spare time, I volunteered at the Migrant Resource Center at the airport. I helped migrants from South America and refugees from the conflict area. The most poignant moment was when I tried to speak Spanish to assist a family. This built up my problem-solving skills and communication despite language barriers.

Presently, enterprises' practice has gotten more into adopting agenda for sustainable development by 2030. Challenges such as inequality and climate change broadly impact FDI, the global supply chain, and other business processes. I actively engage in promoting SDGs. I take pride in my activism at UNICEF Indonesia as a Youth Coordinator for climate and disaster risk reduction. I participated in COP27, where parties such as the government and private sector took account of efforts toward a sustainable future. I founded a youth-led organization, State of Youth Sukabumi. A space to raise awareness, action, and advocacy for SDGs in Indonesia, this movement has engaged thousands of volunteers. These taught me leadership and determination to impact society positively through empowering others. I am thrilled by international trade policy specialization as my professional aspiration.

I am fascinated by how International Business and Economic degree will help me gain knowledge and skills on global challenges facing enterprises and form innovative approaches, especially on international economic policy. I aspire to implement these in the Indonesian government and private sector. Studying at XXX will allow me to immerse myself in a supportive learning environment and diverse community. X CITY hosts admirable X COUNTRY culture and is a place for students worldwide to acquire higher education. Further, X COUNTRY's emerging market and its door to the EU's competitive economy offer me endless internship and collaboration opportunities to assist me in my first step as a young professional.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,728 4511  
Jan 9, 2023   #2
The essay is a personal statement that depicts your educational experience and growth. While this is an interesting letter to read, it actually strays from the required information for a motivational letter. This is the reason why this essay cannot be used for that purpose. There are however, some aspects of this letter that should make its way into the next version.

Your motivational letter should include information from paragraphs 1, 2,4, and 5. When properly rewritten and specific mentions such as SDG are focused on, the letter better reflects your motivations. That said, your career ambition is messing from the learning motivations. How did these influencing factors motivate your career target? How does the motivations mentioned affect your future plans?

The overseas learning experience does not relate asa motivating factor. It is an unrelated discussion that alters the motivational focus. You have 2 choices here. Either omit the information totally or, mention it in passing as something that connects to the actual motivations. Exposure to an overseas business environment would be a plus provided it aids as an additional motivating factor in relation to your study interests. Even the language exposure should do the same for you.
chewbacauk 1 / 3  
Jan 10, 2023   #3
I find it quite interesting, but you could add a paragraph depicts what are your favourite subjects at the undergraduate course to show the school you have done the research into the courses you are applying to.

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