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'I will lose a spile' - help with poem

vismylove 1 / -  
Oct 17, 2012   #1
I will get up and take a rest from my life,
And a peace I will feel,with my inner self.
I will feel how my tiredness go away,
And feel breeze from the ocean and flowery scent.

I will lose a spile which sticks out of the back,
And angels wings,which began to rise.
I will let lose the shackles,that impede my step,
And my steps become easily and light.

In the moment I'll awake ,from my dreaming,
The reality calling for me.
There my kids ,that surrounding me,
"Mommy give us ,something to eat!"

astre - / 2  
Oct 24, 2012   #2
Hi, what exactly is it that you need help with? TPCASTT?

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